A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1498

Shangguan Shuyao said: “Brother Qin, you don’t understand. He is my first man. I will never leave him in my life. Brother Qin, give up. There are many women who are better than me. I have It’s his woman.”
After speaking, she turned her head and looked at Lin Ziming affectionately. The expression in her eyes was clearly a woman who had fallen in love and had no hesitation.
Lin Ziming had to admit that Shangguan Shuyao’s acting skills are indeed amazing and natural. If his realm is not high enough, he can perceive Shangguan Shuyao’s mental fluctuations. Just looking at the surface, he can’t see Shangguan Shuyao’s flaws. With this look, anyone who looks at it will think it is a couple in love.
Qin Long gritted his teeth, he asked and stared at Lin Ziming without concealing his killing intent, “Okay, very good! I Qin Long, I have never been loved by someone like this in my life, boy, you are so kind. , Qin Long remembers you!”
Lin Ziming’s lips moved and wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he still held back, because it was unnecessary. He knew that he had said it for nothing. Qin Long was already angry and couldn’t believe him anymore. .
Seeing Lin Ziming’s silence, Qin Long took it as an acquiescence, and he became even more annoyed, and he was completely convinced that Lin Ziming had a relationship with Shangguan Shuyao and robbed his man.
Others also stared at Lin Ziming angrily. As long as Qin Long gave an order, they would rush forward and kill Lin Ziming.
If I changed someone else, I would have already panicked in such a situation, but for Lin Ziming, it was just a trivial matter.
Shangguan Shuyao saw that Lin Ziming stopped talking, and the frame was successful. The corners of her mouth rose slightly, revealing a sly, but her expression fell in the eyes of Qin Long and others, and it turned into a happy smile. The hatred is even stronger.
They don’t hate Shangguan Shuyao. On the contrary, they think that Shangguan Shuyao was deceived by Lin Ziming, and that Shangguan Shuyao is the victim. They must protect Shangguan Shuyao with all their strength and kill Lin Ziming, this heinous guy.
Lin Ziming knew that this matter was done, he was too lazy to say anything, and said directly: “Is it enough?”
Everyone stared at him coldly. If the expression in his eyes could kill someone, then Lin Ziming would have been killed a thousand times now.
Lin Ziming turned around and left, Shangguan Shuyao silently followed behind him, appearing to be particularly obedient. This scene made Qin Long feel a pain in his heart again.
He has known Shangguan Shuyao for so many years. Where did he ever see Shangguan Shuyao being so meek? Originally, he imagined that Shangguan Shuyao would only be open to him, but now he was taken away by another man. !
Suddenly a burst of enthusiasm rushed to his forehead, making him blurt out without thinking: “Stop!”
In front of Lin Ziming, several men immediately blocked Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming’s expression remained unchanged, but Shangguan Shuyao said fiercely, “Hey! What do you want to do, let this lady go!”
They obviously listened to Qin Long and turned their gazes aside, not looking at Guan Shuyao.
Shangguan Shuyao took advantage of Lin Ziming’s arm at this time, looking like a short guard, and said unceremoniously to Qin Long: “Big Brother Qin, do you want to stop us and not let us go? I have already said that, I You are already Lin Ziming’s person, don’t you have this kind of tolerance?!”
Qin Long felt another pain in his heart when he heard this, but he did not respond to Shangguan Shuyao. Instead, he stared at Lin Ziming and said word by word: “The surname is Lin, I don’t care if you use it. What method deceived Shu Yao’s feelings! Shu Yao is my goddess, I have pursued her for ten years, and now I officially challenge you! Dare to fight with me, whoever loses, leave Shu Yao! ”
He has directly launched a duel against Lin Ziming.

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