A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1505

His movement was too sudden, and it didn’t match his style at all. Shangguan Shuyao was immediately shocked, and his slack body suddenly tightened!
Shangguan Shuyao opened her eyes wide and looked at Lin Ziming in disbelief. She didn’t expect Lin Ziming to be so courageous and dare to be so frivolous. You know, her grandfather is a stalwart Shangguan, Lin Ziming’s immediate boss, and one of the best in power in the country!
Don’t look at the frivolous and bold appearance of Shang Guan Shuyao, but in fact, she is still a virgin, and she has never had such intimate contact with any man.
Because she is a person with a very high vision, because of her background and her personality, she doesn’t like the men who have appeared in her. Even people like Qin Long can only be regarded as ordinary people in her opinion. , But she has always maintained a perfect body.
And now, Lin Ziming dare to offend her like this… Yes, in her opinion, Lin Ziming’s behavior is an offense!
Especially the strong hormonal breath passed from Lin Ziming’s body, which made her more panic-stricken, and her heart and liver thumped and jumped out.
And Lin Ziming’s chest was pressed against her chest, the kind of contact made her ashamed and flustered.
“Lin Ziming, you…” She widened her eyes and looked a little bit fierce, but in Lin Ziming’s eyes, it was completely an expression of being strong from the outside.
To be honest, Lin Ziming himself didn’t want this. Shangguan Shuyao was too presumptuous. If he didn’t give a lesson, Shangguan Shuyao might still be arrogant. Once Shangguan Shuyao went crazy and found his home Go, it will be even more troublesome.
If you say that you do have a leg with her, that’s fine, it’s not wronged, but the problem is that this is the second time I have seen her. It’s a completely innocent relationship! After weighing it, Lin Ziming decided that the long-term pain was better than the short-term pain.
Looking at Shangguan Shuyao’s reaction now, Lin Ziming secretly breathed a sigh of relief, which shows that Shangguan Shuyao is a paper tiger.
Doing nothing and endlessly, Lin Ziming simply acted like an evil charm, aroused Shangguan Shuyao’s chin, and said jokingly: “Why, you are starting to be scared now? You didn’t just keep saying that you want to be my woman. ?”
Lin Ziming’s expression was full of teasing and mockery.
“You!” Shangguan Shuyao, as a princess, has been molested like this before, and her face flushed immediately, staring at Lin Ziming, very embarrassed.
She was indeed panicking now, mainly because she hadn’t thought that Lin Ziming would be so bold.
“You let me go!” Shangguan Shuyao was a little annoyed, and couldn’t laugh anymore, said in a commanding tone.
I have to say that when she gets angry, she is indeed somewhat majestic, and she is indeed the granddaughter of Shangguan’s stalwart. This kind of aura and majesty has no corresponding status and can’t be done.
Of course Lin Ziming wouldn’t let her go so easily. Now the rhythm is on her, and her mind must be completely wiped out.
Therefore, Lin Ziming’s hand followed Shangguan Shuyao’s chin, slowly stretched down, past Shangguan Shuyao’s face, neck, arms, waist…
Shangguan Shuyao’s face flushed. In her perception, Lin Ziming’s hand seemed to have an electric current, which made her body tremble uncontrollably, “You, presumptuous!”
Now Shangguan Shuyao is a little broken.
Lin Ziming laughed and saw that the effect was almost the same. He said, “Presumptuous? Anyway, everyone in your circle knows that I am your man. I am asking for some interest now. It’s normal.”
When Shangguan Shuyao saw Lin Ziming this rascal look, she was helpless and wanted to resist, but how could she resist it? Lin Ziming held her hands with one hand and couldn’t move her. She couldn’t move her. She felt wronged wherever she was. Some are red.

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