A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1507

On this day, Lin Ziming received a call as soon as he came out of the house, “Hey, Instructor Lin, are you free now?”
The call was made by a special agent from the fourth group. He was particularly flustered. Lin Ziming immediately asked, “What happened?”
The other party said: “It’s like this…”
After hearing what the agent said, Lin Ziming realized that it turned out that there was another foreign warrior who was making trouble in Huacheng, clashed with the Chinese, and it seemed that he had beaten them seriously.
“What is the cultivation base of the other party?” Lin Ziming asked.
Lin Ziming was not surprised by this kind of thing. After all, the day when the Kung Fu Cup started was getting closer and closer. During this period of time, so many foreign warriors poured in, there would definitely be friction. During this period of time, Lin Ziming knew that he would not place ten orders.
However, most of them are some ordinary warriors making troubles, and the innate realm masters making troubles have not happened yet.
Now that Lin Ziming received this call, he immediately realized that it must be an innate realm master who started to make trouble.
To be honest, Lin Ziming is very repulsive to this kind of behavior. These foreigners, relying on their own arrogance, despise the yellow race, and are particularly arrogant.
Like before, he had encountered this type of foreigner, but he killed them all.
If these foreigners really dare to do evil on the Chinese territory, he doesn’t mind giving these foreigners a painful lesson!
The agent on the opposite side of the phone said: “I am a master of the innate realm, with a good cultivation base. We agents are not their opponents.”
Lin Ziming frowned, his expression even more ugly, “Did they dare to attack you?”
These foreigners, even if they dare to make trouble on the ground in China, they dare to attack the agents of Xuanyuan No. 3, which shows that they are very arrogant and clearly do not see China in their eyes!
The agent hesitated and said with shame: “Chief instructor, I’m sorry, we have shamed Xuanyuan three places.”
At this time, Lin Ziming would not blame them either. This is not what a qualified leader should do. He directly said: “Where are you, I am past now.”
Soon, the agent said an address, not too far away from Lin Ziming.
Time is running out, Lin Ziming didn’t even drive, so he hurried over on foot, and it only took one-fifth of the time to get there.
When Lin Ziming looked at the scene, he immediately noticed that there had been fighting here.
“Chief instructor, you are here, great.”
At the door, there were two agents waiting there. Seeing Lin Ziming coming, they were relieved, found the backbone, hurriedly greeted them, and paid a military salute to Lin Ziming, full of worship.
Lin Ziming nodded, not talking nonsense, and asked directly: “Where is the person?”
“Inside.” The agent pointed inside, and another agent said indignantly: “Chief instructor, these foreign devils are too arrogant. On our site, they still don’t abide by our rules, make trouble everywhere, and dare to beat people!”
“Yes, Chief Instructor, we officially stepped in. Not only did they not compensate, they also had a particularly arrogant attitude. They didn’t put our Xuanyuan three places in their eyes! Daniel and the others couldn’t see it, and they uttered a slur. I was taught by them, and the injury is not light!”

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