A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1508

Lin Ziming nodded, his face was not good, he had no prejudice against foreigners, but some foreign devils were really hateful, and they looked down on China from the bottom of their hearts.
“Daniu and the others are in trouble?” Lin Ziming asked concerned.
“They are nothing wrong, but they are also injured, especially Juntao and Lin Bei, whose ribs have been broken a few! These guys are really disgusting! It’s a pity that I can’t make it home, otherwise, I just rub them on the ground!”
They were all gnashing their teeth, their faces flushed, and they were obviously really angry.
Lin Ziming also counted in his heart. He didn’t get any more wordy, and he walked in strode directly. He heard it immediately when he was walking, and an arrogant voice came, “Our respected Mr. Bush said, you guys Chinese, if you don’t compensate 10 million, don’t even want to leave here!”
When the voice fell, an angry voice rang out, “You lackey of translators, tell these foreign devils, don’t go too far! This is the territory of our country, and you foreign devils, you should abide by the rules of our country. But you dare to take the initiative to beat people, and you should be the one who compensates!”
Lin Ziming was stunned for a moment when he heard this sound, feeling that it was a deep breath, as if he had heard it somewhere, but for a while, he couldn’t remember it.
Immediately afterwards, another voice came out, “You are too presumptuous! Do you really think that our country has no one to rule you? You wait, our chief instructor will be here soon, and then our chief instructor will come, and you won’t have any good fruits. !”ask
Lin Ziming could hear this voice. It was a big cow.
Immediately there was another foreigner’s voice, speaking in English: “Hahaha, you Chinese, who are skinny like monkeys, dare to teach us? You are all rubbish, losers, I can take you with just one fist. Down, you can’t even get into the top eight in this Kung Fu Cup.”
Accompanied by a ridiculous voice, especially arrogant and arrogant.
Lin Ziming sullen his face and hurried over quickly.
He opened the door directly and appeared in front of everyone.
His appearance immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Their eyes were all over. Agents such as Daniel, Juntao, etc. saw him and were immediately overjoyed. They immediately saluted respectfully and shouted: “Chief instructor!”
At the same time, Lin Ziming also saw the situation clearly. There are more than 20 people in total, of which six are foreigners. Two of them are masters of the innate realm, and the other four are masters of the acquired peak. , The figure is very tall and burly, it looks very uncomfortable.
On the other side, there were almost twenty people. Except for a few agents such as Daniel and Juntao, the rest were ordinary people and also familiar faces.
Isn’t it? The people standing in front of him are all the Lin family…
Dabo Lin Shanhe, cousin Lin Yuanyang, cousin Lin Shao’ang, and half brother Lin Zihao are all here.
“Lin, Lin Ziming?”
When he recognized the Lin family, the Lin family also recognized him, and each of them opened their eyes wide, full of surprise and shock.
Especially the elder brother Lin Zihao’s pupils contracted suddenly, and he was very shocked. Wan Wanwan thought that the person who appeared here would be the younger brother Lin Ziming he has always looked down upon!
He has been listening to Daniel and them just now that their chief instructor is very powerful, and the cultivation base has reached the congenital realm of Great Perfection. As long as the chief instructor comes over, he will definitely be able to teach these foreign devils a lesson.
However, he never thought that this mysterious and powerful chief instructor would be Lin Ziming…

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