A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1509

Lin Ziming was also very surprised. Speaking of it, he has also seen the Lin family for almost two years. Although he has always been in Hwaseong, he has always deliberately avoided the Lin family and does not want to be sad with the Lin family anymore. The place, any relationship arises, but it turns out that I will meet the Lin family here.
At this moment, his mood is quite complicated.
Before, he really hated the Lin family, even hated him, because of the injustice and insult to him by the Lin family.
However, two years ago, he personally went to the Lin family, slapped his face severely, and avenged his revenge, but he didn’t kill Lin Zihao at that time.
Over the past two years, too much has happened, especially his status, which has improved a lot. The layout and vision are not comparable to before, so he now has no hatred for the Lin Family.
He glanced at it and saw that Lin Zihao suffered serious injuries, bruised all over his body, and even his face was beaten and swollen. He looked particularly miserable.
In addition to Lin Zihao, there were Lin Shaoang, Lin Yuanyang and others, who were also slapped with color, and even Dabo Lin Shanhe was slapped in the face.
Now they are in a state of despair, decadence, and grief.
Lin Ziming knew right away. Obviously, it was the Lin family who clashed with this group of foreigners and was taught a lot.
It sounds a lot, but in fact, it was only a matter of one or two seconds. Those foreigners found out that only a tall and thin young man who appeared ordinary, and immediately laughed contemptuously. There was nothing at all. Put Lin Ziming in his eyes.
One of the foreigners, who was 1.9 meters tall, said contemptuously: “The chief instructor you are talking about is this kid?”
In his tone, he was incredibly contemptuous and disdainful.
Daniel nodded vigorously, and said with a sneer: “Yes! This is our chief instructor, and he can abuse them with just one finger! You’re done!”
The translator quickly translated Daniel’s words over, and the six foreigners even leaned forward and backward with a smile.
“Hahahaha, I’m really laughing at me. A monkey with a long hair is actually the chief instructor of your country of China. It seems that your country of China is no one, rubbish, it’s all rubbish!”
“Originally I thought that in this Kung Fu Cup, even if you could not make it to the top eight, at least you could make it to the top 16. Now it seems that you are not in the top six, it’s all rubbish, you can’t even make it to the top six, ha Haha.”
They made no secret of their ridicule. If you owe more beatings, you owe more beatings. In the end, there was a foreigner who raised his tail to everyone, raised his head, and said with contempt and disdain: “You Chinese are all sick men ,Rubbish.”
And he deliberately said in Mandarin: “You are, trash…”
His words immediately angered everyone, and Daniel and the others were even more angry and angry, pointing at them and cursing.
“Hey, what are you talking about! Looking for death, you kind of say it again!”
“It is unreasonable, you foreign devils, dare to run to our country to go wild, I think you are living impatiently!”
“What are you talking about with them, just take them down and put them in custody, to see if they are still crazy or not!”
“It’s so presumptuous, in front of our chief instructor, dare to do this, it’s just looking for death!!”

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