A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1513

I have to say that Lin Ziming is still quite relieved when he sees the Lin family now like this.
Back then, after he inherited his grandfather’s fortune and made some achievements in martial arts, he indeed went back to the Lin family to take revenge, and he also defeated Lin Zihao and vented the resentment in his heart.
However, it would be unrealistic to say that his hatred of the Lin Family was eliminated at once. Although the hatred was not much, it was still a little bit more or less. Now that he saw the Lin Family shocked so much, he was still very happy.
But speaking of it, even if the Lin Family is shocked, he can’t be touched too much, because he has grown so fast in the past two years. Unknowingly, the pattern has far surpassed the Lin Family. The Lin family is no longer an opponent to him now, just like a predecessor whom he loved so much. Years later, when he saw it again, the feelings had actually faded a lot.
Although he still had the blood of the Lin family on his body, he had nothing to worry about in the Lin family anymore. The death of his grandfather completely severed the contact between him and the Lin family.
The other two foreigners finally began to face Lin Ziming. One of the white men in the second stage of the Innate Realm said: “Ask you are also an s-level supernatural power, no wonder people who dare to be so arrogant and hurt us!”
Lin Ziming looked at him and said lightly: “You have committed a crime in China and must go to jail. The remaining two of you are masters of the innate realm. I will give you a little face and catch it by myself. Otherwise, wait for me to take action. , Your fate is worse than these three wastes.”
Hearing Lin Ziming’s words, the expressions of these two foreigners were very ugly, especially the blond white man. He stared at Lin Ziming firmly, trying to see through Lin Ziming, but no matter how he looked at it, it was always the same. Can’t see through Lin Ziming.
This made him very jealous of Lin Ziming.
“I count to three. You can catch them before you slay them. I’ll take the shot.” Lin Ziming took two handcuffs from Daniel and threw them on the ground.
These handcuffs are not ordinary handcuffs, but are made of special materials. They are much tougher than ordinary steel and also have high-voltage electricity. If the person who is tortured resists, it will release high-voltage electricity. Even the masters of the innate realm would be very hurt by the electric shock.
Unless the cultivation base reaches the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, that is, the 4s-level abilities referred to abroad, can it be resisted and not harmed.
The two foreigners looked at each other and laughed.
“People of Chinese, I admit that I am mistaken, I don’t know you are a supernatural person. But, do you think you can defeat us by yourself? You are too arrogant!”
“Chinese people, you don’t know what identity we are. I am a 2s ability player. This is a 3s ability player next to me, and you are only a s-level ability player. Any one of us is Can easily defeat you!”
They stared at Lin Ziming, their eyes full of threat and coldness. Even if Lin Ziming showed his hands just now, they still didn’t take Lin Ziming to heart, because what Lin Ziming showed just now was only s-level strength. That’s it.
In the situation just now, if they took action, it would take less than three seconds to solve these three foreigners.
The blond white man even licked his lips, full of enthusiasm for Lin Ziming, his eyes seemed to have found a prey, and he could have a good time.
Lin Ziming shook his head and said, “Toast and not eat fine wine, since you are so innocent, then you can’t blame me.”
Then, Lin Ziming hooked his fingers at the two foreigners and said, “You guys go on together.”
He said this sentence without being very domineering. He was just talking plainly, just talking plainly. For him, he was just doing something as simple as eating and sleeping.

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