A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1518

But now that Feng Shui turns, Lin Ziming has surpassed him too much, and he has become an insurmountable master. This feeling is really more uncomfortable than killing him!
Lin Ziming’s eyes were cold, staring at Jack.
The aura on his body slowly exudes, the mighty power is like a prison, especially terrifying. At the beginning, Jack was able to bear it, but slowly, Lin Ziming exuded the aura of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. Jack couldn’t bear it at all. His legs were shaking uncontrollably, and his lips were trembling. Shaking, looking at Lin Ziming in horror: “You, you, you, you are not a 4s-level ability person, you are a 5s-level ability person…”
Now Jack’s mentality is finally about to collapse, the young man in front of him is actually a 5s-level superpower, you know, even his instructor is not that powerful!
Lin Ziming ignored his fear and spoke directly: “I will warn you one last time, kneel down, apologize, compensate, otherwise, I can end your life within three seconds.”
Jack swallowed heavily. He had no doubt about the authenticity of Lin Ziming’s words. A 5s-level superpower, that is the ultimate powerhouse that only exists in the legend! Even if it is their beautiful country, there are not many. And now, in front of him, there is only one, and still so young, he can’t describe the fear and shock in his heart at this moment.
“I…” Jack faced Lin Ziming’s terrifying eyes and finally couldn’t bear it. He wanted to lower his head and said: “Dear Sir, I am willing to compensate, five million US dollars, please Let me go.”
In contrast, he would rather pay compensation than kneel down to apologize. He is still a distinguished white man, how could he kneel down to the ants of China? If this spreads out, it will not only be the loss of Jack’s face!
But will Lin Ziming agree? The answer is no. Lin Ziming shook his head, disappointed, and said, “I have given you the opportunity. Since you don’t cherish it, you can’t blame me.”
When the voice fell, his eyes opened wide, and the terrifying aura directly pressed on Jack, making Jack at such a moment, as if facing the death, his brain could not work, he blurted out: “Respect of……”
However, he didn’t even finish his words, he was already photographed by Lin Ziming, and he was photographed on his knees. With a loud thump, the power was so powerful that the floor tiles were directly cracked. , Even sunk a few centimeters, and Jack screamed like a pig.
At this time, his knee was directly broken.
“Apologize, otherwise I will break your neck.” Lin Ziming’s words were very flat, but they fell into Jack’s ears, just like the voice of death, making his soul tremble, and he can’t afford to resist. And at this moment, all dignity and nobleness were completely forgotten. He had only one idea, and that was to obey Lin Ziming, the great devil, or else he would lose his life.
He bowed his head towards the Lin family, and pleaded with a trembling tone in his mouth, “I was wrong, I shouldn’t bully you, please forgive me… please let me go…”
There was endless fear and crying in his voice, as if he had been frightened.
In fact, Jack can be regarded as a person who has experienced strong winds and waves. No matter how bad he is, he will not be so greedy for life and fear of death.
However, Lin Ziming’s majesty is really too great, just like a mouse meets a cat, that is to say, now his behavior has nothing to do with his thinking, everything is instinct. Made it out.
Agents such as Daniel did not feel too much. They had long been used to Lin Ziming’s awesomeness, but for the Lin family, it was unparalleled shock, deep awe, and the surging rivers. Regret that can’t be washed away!

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