A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1521

“That’s pretty good.” Lin Ziming laughed.
Lin Shanhe’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he couldn’t help but happily said, “Ziming, are you agreeing? That’s great!”
The other Lin family members also became happy. As long as Lin Ziming was willing to return to the Lin family, it means that Lin Ziming still had the Lin family in his heart.
They know how powerful Lin Ziming is now, no matter if Lin Ziming’s cultivation has reached the congenital realm of Dzogchen, he is the chief instructor of Xuanyuan 3rd place, the Lin group behind Lin Ziming, which is also a behemoth. Its scale has surpassed Hwaseong Fortress, radiating to the whole province and even the whole country!
Lin Ziming sneered and said, “What did I promise? Go back to Lin’s house?”
“Yes, go back to Lin’s house! Ziming, don’t worry, your uncle will definitely notify everyone when you come back this time, and give you a grand prehistoric greeting!” Lin Shanhe said loudly, his eyes full of sincerity and pleading .
The other Lin family members followed suit to persuade them.
“Yes, Ziming, come back. We have actually missed you all these years.”
“Brother Ziming, you must come back, you are still bleeding from the Lin family.”
“It’s said that you will return to your roots, Ziming, you are always the Lin family, and returning to the Lin family is the correct way.”
“Our Lin family now also needs a capable person to lead the Lin family to glory, and Ziming, you are the one who leads us to glory!”
What they said was better than singing. If Lin Ziming hadn’t seen their faces, they would have believed it.
“Is it enough?” Lin Ziming sneered and interrupted them.
When they heard this, they all stopped and looked at Lin Ziming hopefully.
“If you say enough, get out of here, and stop disgusting Lao Tzu, otherwise, if you make Lao Tzu angry, you will wipe the Lin family from Huacheng with one order!” Lin Ziming said coldly.
He was never a benevolent person. How the Lin family treated him, he remembers clearly until now. He is not troubled by the Lin family now, and slowly let go of his hatred, but it does not mean that he has forgiven the Lin family. , Even to return to the Lin family, this is even more absurd!
As he said these words, a dozen agents suddenly took a few steps forward, surrounded the Lin family, staring at them.
At this moment, all the Lin family, including Lin Zihao, became nervous and fearful, and the coercion given to them by agents like Daniel was still great.
Moreover, these were the people from the third place of Xuanyuan, if they really shot at them, then they would have no chance to resist at all.
Lin Ziming said again: “From now on don’t come to make my mind, otherwise I won’t be as easy to talk as I am today!”
Their faces were much paler, but they dared not speak for a while, so they could only lower their heads.
Lin Ziming snorted and turned to leave.
At this moment, another weak voice came, “But, Brother Ziming, it will be grandpa’s death day soon. You have not swept the tomb in the past two years. This year, don’t you plan to sweep the tomb? Grandpa he , The person who loved most during his lifetime was you…”
The speaker was Lin Yuanyang, his face was still full of awe and fear, and even pale. He looked at Lin Ziming with a wince, and only after all the courage he said did he speak this sentence.
Lin Ziming stopped when he heard these words, his heart was touched.
Indeed, he did not go back to visit his grandfather’s tomb…No, to be precise, he did not go back to visit the grave in a formal way with the Lin family. He went back and visited several times, but that was all by himself. of.

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