A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1523

Seeing Jack’s action, other people immediately stood up straight, and quickly backed away, and saw the leader coming, bowing respectfully and saying hello: “The leader!”
The original noisy scene, because of the arrival of the leader, instantly became silent. Everyone looked at the leader, full of worship and awe. Looking at the leader, it seemed that they were not looking at a person, but a god.
In their sight, there appeared a foreigner who was not too tall, but with an extremely domineering appearance. His muscles were not very strong. It seemed to be different from an ordinary foreigner, but his aura , Extremely powerful, as if the space around him was vaguely distorted, and it was particularly scary to look at.
The leader nodded lightly, said hello, and then said to Jack: “You and Tom were taught by a Chinese?”
When Jack heard this, his heart jumped. Looking directly into the eyes of the upper leader, his heartbeat speeded up uncontrollably, and he was panicked. He quickly said: “Look back to the leader, this Chinese…”
He didn’t dare to conceal a trace, and quickly explained the matter completely, because he knew that the horror of the leader in front of him, as a 5s-level super power, could kill him with just one punch.
In the international arena, the reputation of the leader is extremely loud. I don’t know how many well-known strong men have been killed, known as the god of murder.
In particular, the leader’s temper is very different, which is unpredictable. If he has a little detail and provokes the leader to get angry, then the leader may directly do it. Not long ago, he had seen with his own eyes that a 4s-level powerhouse, because of a trivial matter, hit the leader, and was crippled by the leader with three punches and two kicks. Now he has not recovered!
After Jack finished the explanation, he was also beating the drums in his heart, lowered his head, and felt extremely worried.
After the other people listened, they didn’t dare to speak. They also knew the leader’s character, and absolutely didn’t dare to taunt Jack like just now. Moreover, after they heard about it, they finally realized that Jack was not lying. The Chinese man who wounded Jack and Tom was really amazing!
After the leader listened, some brilliance flashed in his eyes, and he said with interest: “It’s interesting, in the past few years, China has actually had such a strong and powerful person. How old is this Chinese?”
The leader showed a smile on his face and asked curiously.
Jack recalled for a moment and said, “Looking back to the leader, this Chinese man looks very young, he seems to be only about 30 years old.”
Hearing this, the leader who had been expressionless, his face finally changed color, “What? Only about thirty years old?!”
He lost his attitude, but the others lost his attitude even more.
They are all warriors, and they know very well what the 30-year-old 5s-level supernatural powers represent. You must know that even the respected leader is known as the genius among the geniuses in the beautiful country. With the high-tech training of the beautiful country, now He is also over forty years old, and only reached the 5s level. How is it possible for a small Chinese country to cultivate a 30-year-old 5s-level superpower? !
So their first reaction was to think that Jack was lying and bragging.
Jack seemed to have expected their reaction like this, and he said bitterly: “Chief, this is true. He is also the chief instructor of Huaguo Xuanyuan No. 3, and his strength is really strong! They Xuanyuan No. 3 is facing this Chinese. Very respectful!”
The leader’s face was uncertain, he tapped the armrest lightly, and finally showed a meaningful smile on his face, and said: “It’s interesting, 30-year-old 5s superpower, it seems that Hua Guo has made a breakthrough in technology this time. , Just cultivated such an outstanding supernatural ability. This time the Kung Fu Cup was held in China, and China would definitely want to win the championship. It seems that this is China’s trump card.”
The smile on his face is very intriguing. After so many people present saw it, they couldn’t help their scalp tingling. They had been with the leader for many years and knew the leader’s temperament very well, knowing that once the leader showed such an expression, Then it means that the Chinese leader is interested.

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