A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1525

Lin Ziming saw this scene with a mocking smile on his face and strode up.
“Ziming, you have finally come. It’s raining today, there is wind and water. It is a good sign. It must be your grandfather who knows under the spring. After knowing that you are coming back, you will come out to greet you, hahaha.” Lin Shanhe Seeing Lin Ziming coming, he quickly took the umbrella and held it up for Lin Ziming.
I think he is the patron of the dignified Lin Family, or Lin Ziming’s uncle, his status is very noble, but now he has completely put down his posture in front of Lin Ziming.
Others didn’t think there was any problem. It was Lin Ziming’s current status, too noble, and they were no longer at the same level.
There is quite a feeling of wind and water turning around, 30 years in the east and 30 years in the Hexi.
Lin Zihao in the crowd saw this scene. He was not hostile to Lin Ziming, only endless despair and helplessness. He has been left behind by Lin Ziming too much, and he no longer has the strength to compete with Lin Ziming. . He only hoped that Lin Ziming should not have the same knowledge as him, otherwise Lin Ziming would be able to choke him to death as long as he moved his fingers.
Returning to the Lin family, looking at the familiar scene in front of him, to be honest, Lin Ziming’s heart is quite complicated, after all, he grew up here and has left too many memories.
He sighed deep in his heart, and tolerated the emotion.
“There are so many people.” Lin Ziming said with a smile when he saw so many people.
Lin Shanhe hurriedly said: “That is necessary. Everyone knows that Ziming, you are coming back, so naturally you will come back. Ziming, do you want to see your room? In fact, I have asked the servants to clean you over the years. The room has remained the same.”
He looked at Lin Ziming with pleasing eyes, as if he was a servant, waiting for Lin Ziming’s praise.
As everyone knows, Lin Ziming felt disgusted when he saw him like this. He directly didn’t care about Lin Shanhe, but said: “You don’t need to waste your mind. I am coming back this time just to pay homage to my grandfather. I will leave after the worship. ”
As he said this, the atmosphere on the scene became a bit awkward.
They really want Lin Ziming to come back, because only when Lin Ziming is back can they lead them back to glory, but they are indeed not qualified to ask Lin Ziming to come back, because five years ago, they did absolutely nothing. .
“Ziming…” an older uncle said, “What happened five years ago was not what we deliberately drove you out. This is a misunderstanding. You are a wise man, and you have been in Linlin since childhood. The parents are old, the blood of the Lin family is still in the bones. If it were not for the misunderstanding, how would we do this? But, now that the misunderstanding is solved, we do know that we were wrong. Now the Lin family needs your return.”
This uncle was of the same generation as his grandfather. He lived a lifetime and had nothing to do. He would only eat and die in the Lin family. When Lin Ziming was framed, this uncle did not stand up and say a word for him. Seeing that he was promising, he taught him.
Lin Ziming glared directly at him, “What do I need to do when I come back?”
The uncle said: “I need you to come back to save the Lin family. You are always a member of the Lin family. You can’t just watch the Lin family decline step by step. Originally, our Lin family was the first family in Hwaseong, and received the admiration of countless people, but since After you left, the Lin family declined day by day, and now the seat of the first family has been taken away by the Chu family. How decent is this! The Chu family is just a small family that is not considered a third-rate family, Ziming, you are all I don’t know what the outside is saying, saying that you are ungrateful and would rather support your natal family than your own family!”
What he said was very cruel, and he also called Lin Ziming a culprit, but instead he became ungrateful.
The other elders also began to follow his words, relying on the old to teach him.

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