A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1526

When everyone saw that Lin Ziming was silent, there was no talk or rebuttal, they all thought Lin Ziming had listened, and they were a little bit happy.
It seems that Lin Ziming is still soft-hearted, and his face is thin. After being said a few words, he knows that he has done something wrong.
In their opinion, Lin Ziming’s temperament is still very easy to grasp, both soft and hard, not afraid that Lin Ziming will not come back, and Lin Ziming comes back, using Lin Ziming’s current identity and status, then the Lin family will soon recover its glory and regain the Huacheng The identity of the first family.
Even if Lin Ziming is now the chief instructor of Xuanyuan 3rd place, he is also an extremely strong man of Innate Dzogchen, even if he goes further, it is not impossible to become the first family in G province!
It’s just that they underestimated Lin Ziming too much, and they didn’t know what Lin Ziming had gone through in the past five years, how much his temperament had changed, not to mention the extent of Lin Ziming’s hatred for the Lin family.
“That’s good.” Lin Ziming laughed and even applauded.
The uncle’s eyes lit up and said: “Ziming, according to your opinion, are you willing to return to the Lin family? Yes, yes, this is the unicorn of my Lin family! As a member of the Lin family, you have the obligation to lead the Lin family to glory. I believe your grandfather will be very happy if he knows it in Quanxia, ​​hahaha.”
The others also began to smile, thinking that they had already grasped Lin Ziming.
However, just when they were all triumphant, Lin Ziming’s voice turned and became colder: “I have already let you off the Lin family. This time, I will only pay homage to Grandpa, and I will no longer have the same knowledge as you. You old folks, you just pretend to be me, and teach me with your old ways?”
When the voice fell, I saw Lin Ziming’s feet stamped, and the whole manor suddenly slammed, as if an earthquake had occurred, which was particularly frightening. Even the ceiling on the roof began to shake. This scene , Immediately scared everyone.
“What’s the situation? Is it an earthquake?!”
“Oh my God, what happened to this?”
Lin Ziming stomped his feet again, and saw that the ground under his feet was cracked and spread out like a spider web.
At this moment, everyone finally realized that it was not an earthquake, but Lin Ziming’s masterpiece.
In an instant, they dared not speak anymore, looking at Lin Ziming in horror.
Lin Ziming’s gaze swept them coldly, “Do you really think of me as a fool, or do you think I’m the Lin Ziming from five years ago, let you knead?”
Now Lin Ziming’s aura exuded was too great, to them, it was like facing a violent storm, both feet couldn’t help but swing.
Those few old things that leaned on the old and sold the old didn’t dare to talk anymore now.
Lin Ziming glanced over all of them, and finally said, “This time I came to the Lin family to pay homage to Grandpa, but I didn’t come to listen to your nonsense! From now on, you dare to beep again, which affected my mood. , I don’t mind erasing the Lin family from Hwaseong.”
They all immediately shrunk their necks, realizing that Lin Ziming was not joking, so they didn’t dare to talk any more.

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