A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1529

Murongxue’s eyes lit up, and she seemed to be very happy. She smiled and said: “The opportunity is rare. Then it’s better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day. Shall we have a meal tonight?”
Lin Ziming thought for a while, he didn’t have anything tonight, so he nodded and agreed.
Next, Murong Xue wanted to send Lin Ziming home, but Lin Ziming refused. It’s not that Lin Ziming is hypocritical, but in the car, and Murongxue’s other friends, who mocked him just now, it would be somewhat embarrassing to ride in the same car.
So he walked away by himself, and when he reached the side of the road, his Rolls Royce arrived, and the driver came down to open the door for him and enjoy the distinguished service.
After Lin Ziming left, at Murong Xue’s side, the woman in the back seat said in a puzzled manner: “Murong, why are you asking Lin Ziming for dinner? He is no longer the second youngest of the Lin family now. You see that he was dressed just now, and he looked like a bottom-of-society, this kind of person, eating with us, didn’t that lower our class?”
Murongxue was silent for a while, and said, “Lin Ziming seems to be a lot downhearted now, but in any case, he used to grow up with me. My grandfather and Grandpa Lin Ziming had decided to be a baby boy at the beginning. I got married. Now it’s a rare meeting to have a meal together, what’s the matter?”
The woman in the car frowned when she heard this, and said in a little anger, “What? Didn’t it, you actually have a baby kiss with this guy? This guy wants to swan to eat swan meat! Is he worthy of you like this? He doesn’t take a picture of himself by peeing!”
Murongxue thought of Lin Ziming’s ordinary dress just now. The total amount of his whole body is probably not more than 300 yuan, and he still walks. That ordinary temperament has completely lost the nobleness of the second young Lin family. .
Originally, she still admired Lin Ziming, thinking that Lin Ziming was a talent, even if she didn’t rely on the power of the Lin family, she could get along well with Lin Ziming’s ability. Now it seemed that she had missed her eyes, and Lin Ziming was just like that. He was not a genius at all. After being expelled from the family, he couldn’t get mixed up directly.
Now she was even very lucky that she had married Lin Ziming under impulsiveness, otherwise she would have to suffer along with it now.
“Just have a meal, and after eating, I won’t contact me.” Murong Xue said, her face now has the gentleness and elegance that she had faced Lin Ziming just now.
The woman in the back seat said, “It’s best to be like this, Murong, you have already married the Lei family. If you are married to the Lei family, if you know that you are eating with your previous childhood sweethearts, I believe the Lei family is sure. Will be angry.”
Speaking of the Lei family, the woman’s eyes flashed with stars, full of admiration, envy, and even jealously looking at Murong Xue, and said: “To be honest, Murong, I really envy you. You can marry me. Young Master Lei Family, this is an absolute big man! The Lei Family doesn’t know how many times stronger than the Lin Family. You will jump into the Lei Family by entering the Lei Family. I really envy you!”
When Murong Xue heard these words, she also showed a proud and happy smile. Indeed, being able to marry the Lei family is a blessing in her life.
You know, the Lei family is a big family that can be counted in the entire province g, and that Lei family’s youngest and youngest person is extremely capable. After the Lei family’s head abdicates in the future, it is unlikely that the Lei family’s major can directly take charge of the Lei family. At that time she will be the eldest lady of the Lei family, not to mention that honor, killing many people of the same age in the circle.

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