A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 153

“Insane, he and I are just ordinary friends, what did he come to do with me.” Chu Fei said sternly.
Chu Hao smiled badly, “Hoho, right? You almost married him back then. Speaking of which, you should have married him back then, and you shouldn’t have hired Lin Ziming as a trash son-in-law. You Maybe you don’t know, Situ Nan is now the big boss. If you were married to him, you are now a rich and young grandmother. Where do you need to run out and do this kind of thing?”
His mouth is full of yin and yang, and it can be as cheap as it is.
Chu Fei couldn’t help it anymore, and burst out: “Chu Hao! Say one more thing, I will leave immediately and promise not to look back!”
Feeling that Chu Fei was really angry, Chu Hao hurriedly squeezed out a smile and said: “Just kidding, just kidding, don’t take it to heart, haha.”
Chu Fei snorted heavily. Facing Chu Hao’s shamelessness, she really became more and more disgusted!
However, Chu Fei’s heart became more restless. She couldn’t help but have a thought, thinking in Chu Hao’s words, if she had married Situ Nan, her life would be much better than now!
Enduring those messy thoughts, Chu Fei followed Chu Hao to the villa and saw Huang Wenhua.
“Mr. Huang, we are here.” Chu Hao bent slightly, showing a very humble attitude, and said flatly to Huang Wenhua, free from the characteristics of a slave.
“Haha, you are extremely welcome. Come, come in and sit.” Huang Wenhua glanced at Chu Hao briefly, then set his gaze on Chu Fei. Seeing Chu Fei’s beautiful appearance, his eyes suddenly lit up and exposed. With the covetous and hungry glances, where is the image of a gentleman in front of Guo Yuanjia and Guo Junyi’s father and daughter?
Wrong, this Huang Wenhua is the young man who personally proposed to Guo Yuanjia a while ago.
When Chu Fei faced Huang Wenhua’s eyes, she felt very uncomfortable and polite. She still squeezed a little smile and shouted to Huang Wenhua, Mr. Huang.
The current Huang Wenhua, wearing a home-like clothes, looks very casual, without a bit of seriousness and dignity when discussing business, and obviously has a little respect for Chu Hao and Chu Fei.
Chu Hao didn’t think there was anything abnormal about this, and he took the initiative to light up Huang Wenhua’s cigarette, bending very low.
Chu Fei frowned secretly, her first impression of Huang Wenhua was very bad.
“I have long heard that Chu Fei in Hwaseong is beautiful and unparalleled. It is the best among the three beauties in Hwaseong. When I saw it today, it really was extraordinary.” Huang Wenhua looked at Chu Fei and said with a smile.
Chu Fei was unhappy, and it was not easy to break out, so she had to smile perfunctorily, and said in an official manner: “Mr. Huang, you want to finance our Centec company, we have already…”
Huang Wenhua interrupted her and said, “Hey, there is no need to worry about work. Chu Hao and I have already discussed the specific matters. The only thing left is to sign this item, haha.”
“Since there is no problem, let’s sign it first!” Chu Fei took out the contract and handed it to Huang Wenhua, looking at him expectantly, “Mr. Huang, this is a contract prepared by our Centec Company. You sign, call 100 million, and you own 40% of Centec’s shares.”
Huang Wenhua didn’t touch the contract that Chu Fei pushed over. Instead, he looked at Chu Fei with a smile and said, “Miss Chu, do you think your 40% of Centec’s shares are worth 100 million?”
Chu Fei’s face became solemn, “Mr. Huang, I don’t quite understand what you mean. It is not what you meant to raise 100 million to Centec and own 40% of the shares?”
Huang Wenhua smiled, he stood up, walked around the coffee table, and walked towards Chu Fei.
In an instant, Chu Fei’s expression changed and she became nervous.

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