A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1532

At the scene, there were many young people with joking smiles on their faces. It seemed that they all knew Lin Ziming, and they also had a lot of grievances and ridicule towards Lin Ziming.
They are all descendants of the Hwaseong family. Before, they were in the same circle with Lin Ziming. Although they were in Hwaseong, they belonged to the category of the second generation ancestor and couldn’t touch Lin Ziming’s class at all because they were in Hwaseong. , So I don’t know that Lin Ziming, who looked down on them, has already become a super man, even if their family is eager to flatter themselves.
When Murong Xue heard this, she immediately said hurriedly: “Don’t talk nonsense, Lin Ziming and I are innocent and have no interest in him. Even if he is looking for me now, I will treat him as an ordinary friend at best. That’s it!”
Immediately someone joked and said, “Murong, I remember that you and Lin Ziming were childhood sweethearts. They grew up together, and your grandfather has ordered a baby kiss. You are sure that Lin Ziming will come to you this time just to ask you Resume the engagement.”
A person beside him smiled and said, “Yeah, you are the daughter of the Murong family, and you look beautiful and beautiful. Lin Ziming must want to pester you when he sees you now.”
“Cough cough!” At this moment, a tall, suave man next to Murong Xue coughed twice, with some discomfort flashing across his face, he said to Murong Xue: “Murong, you and this Lin Ziming, and A piece of this past?”
When Murongxue heard this, she immediately panicked, and quickly defended: “Brother Lei, don’t get me wrong. Lin Ziming and I are just friends. It’s a very ordinary kind. There is no such relationship at all. I treat you. Sincere!”
Leyton heard this, his face showed a smile again, holding Murongxue’s hand, and said: “Fool, what are you panicking? I’m just joking with you.”
Murongxue breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately heard Layton say: “However, I am very interested in this Lin Ziming. I heard that he was in your circle before, and he was very beautiful.”
He squinted his eyes, with an intriguing look on his face, apparently staring at Lin Ziming.
He is a person with strong control over sex, especially for women, he has a perverted control over sex, and now, his fiancee suddenly appeared a childhood sweetheart, he would naturally not let it go. Opportunity to suppress!
Moreover, he has a secret that no one else knows, that is, he particularly likes to suppress rivals, this feeling will bring him a great sense of accomplishment!
Not long after, Murongxue’s cell phone rang again. After a few conversations, Murongxue said, “Lin Ziming is here, now I’m here.”
“Really? That’s interesting.”
“Haha, I really want to see how Lin Ziming has become.”
“Lin Ziming asked Murong to eat alone. I don’t know what kind of expression he would look like when he came up and saw so many of us? Still looking forward to it, haha.”
They all laughed meaningfully, taking Lin Ziming as prey for trickery.
For them, the theme of tonight is to tease Lin Ziming well, give Layton assists, and stammer well with Layton.
Leiton is the youngest of the Lei family, so it goes without saying that his status is honorable. If he is in favor of Leiton, it will be good for them.
Furthermore, they were originally displeased with Lin Ziming. When Lin Ziming was the second youngest of the Lin family, they had been suppressed by Lin Ziming. Now that Lin Ziming is down, they want to taunt them the first time, and get into trouble!

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