A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1533

Lin Ziming walked up according to the position Murongxue said. He didn’t think so much. It wasn’t that he was not smart enough, but that such a small matter was not worth his brains at all.
Murongxue wanted to invite him to dinner, so he came to the appointment. In any case, Murongxue was a childhood sweetheart from the past, and he still had to give it some face.
However, when he walked out of the elevator, he found something was wrong, because he heard the voices of many people, not just Murong Xue.
What’s the situation? Didn’t Murong Xue only invite him to dinner?
Lin Ziming frowned slightly, but Lin Ziming didn’t think so much because of the rules he had come from. The fate between him and Murongxue was exhausted, and there was nothing for him to have a meal.
He opened the door, glanced at it, and immediately saw that there were more than forty people in the big box, all of whom were familiar faces, friends from the previous circle.
And his arrival immediately drew the attention of everyone in the box, and they all looked over.
“Look, Lin Ziming is here.”
“I’m going, I’m not mistaken, is this really Lin Ziming in front of me? Isn’t it too shabby to wear this outfit? I am afraid that the total amount of this body is less than five hundred yuan.”
“It seems that after Lin Ziming left the Lin family, it really didn’t work, it was too bad!”
“Haha, just like him, he has the face to retell his old love with Murong? Isn’t this toad wanting to eat swan meat”
“However, seeing Lin Ziming’s desolate look makes me feel so comfortable.”
“Haha, me too……”
They still had some worries, if Lin Ziming really got mixed up with strength, then they still didn’t care about being too ridiculous. But now that Lin Ziming is dressed so shabbyly for such an important meal, it shows that Lin Ziming is really bad at being mixed up.
Since this is the case, they have no worries. Lin Ziming brought them back all at once because of the oppression brought by Lin Ziming!
Who is Lin Ziming, his eyes are golden, and he can see the reactions of these people with just one look.
With his current ability and status, and these rich second generations, they are no longer in the same class. Even their elders are all ants in front of Lin Ziming.
However, Lin Ziming was still quite disappointed. Originally, he thought that Murong Xue really wanted to reminisce with him, but in the end he was wishful thinking, and Murong Xue changed after all.
When he came, he was at ease. Lin Ziming didn’t bother to leave, and strode directly to meet him, and said with a smile: “It’s pretty hot.”
Murongxue also walked up and said to Lin Ziming, “Lin Ziming, you rarely come back. I called the friends in the circle and came to gather together. Would you mind it?”
She said in a joking tone, in her words, there is no longer the kindness of daytime, but it is a bit colder and ridiculous, and her posture is much higher.

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