A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1534

She originally thought that even if Lin Ziming left the Lin family, she would not be too bad at all, but now it seems that she still overestimates Lin Ziming. And such Lin Ziming wanted to retell her old relationship with her, without any self-knowledge. Invisible, she didn’t look down on Lin Ziming too much.
How could Lin Ziming not feel her state of mind, and Lin Ziming also discovered that when Murong Xue was speaking, she secretly glanced at the man next to her, obviously caring about this man’s thoughts and attitude, Lin Ziming knew immediately. This man is always Murong Xue’s boyfriend.
He had never thought about renewing the relationship with Murongxue, but now seeing Murongxue look like this, he also showed a thought-provoking smile: “Mind, didn’t you say that we have our separate dinner? You call it this. It’s not convenient to come in many people.”
Hearing his words, Murongxue’s expression became even colder, and between her brows, she couldn’t hide the disgust and contempt, thinking that Lin Ziming was really unkind to her. It was really a toad who wanted to eat swan meat!
As for the other people present, they showed such an expression as expected, and despised Lin Ziming even more, and thought that Lin Ziming would definitely be humiliated by Layton tonight!
Murong Xue said: “What’s inconvenient, everyone is in a circle.”
At this moment, a man with thick bangs in a white suit came out. He first glanced at Lin Ziming, and then said with a playful expression, “Lin Ziming, you have dinner with Murong. You don’t really want to chase Murong. ?”
“Are you?” Lin Ziming asked deliberately in confusion.
The expression on this man’s face immediately stiffened, a little embarrassed, and his eyes showed shame. This guy, Lin Ziming, actually forgot him? Outrageous!
He immediately raised his voice and said, “I’m Liu Di, don’t you remember me so soon?”
Lin Ziming suddenly realized that he seemed to remember it. When Liu Di’s face regained his smile, he immediately said, “I don’t know.”
“You!” Liu Di was immediately angry at him. He originally wanted to mock Lin Ziming, but he didn’t expect Lin Ziming to be so downright now, yet so cheap!
Immediately another person walked out. It was a woman with a blessed stature. She looked up at Lin Ziming. Her eyes clearly looked down on Lin Ziming, full of contempt. She squinted and said, “Lin Ziming.” , I heard that you have been expelled from the Lin family in the past five years, and now you are living like a bereaved dog.”
She spoke without the slightest pretense, and she mocked Lin Ziming directly and mercilessly, especially the lofty and contemptuous expression in her expression, and she owed it incomparably.
Even if it was Lin Ziming’s disposition, he was a little uncomfortable when he was stuffed with such a sentence by the other party. Of course, he would not express this emotion. He pretended to be surprised and said, “Are you Zhuang Yuan?”
Zhuang Yuan was recognized by Lin Ziming, the expression on her face became more arrogant, she straightened her shriveled chest, and said: “Yes, it seems that you still have some eyesight and recognized this lady.”
Lin Ziming smiled and said: “Then you must be recognized. In the circle, you are the fattest, like a pig. I don’t think you are still so fat after five years. You don’t usually eat pig feed. Right?”
Hearing these words, Zhuang Yuan’s face suddenly became crooked, and immediately after being defeated, he cursed angrily: “Lin Ziming, you are looking for death!!”
The others in the room wanted to laugh when they heard this sentence, but they laughed out embarrassedly.
Zhuang Yuan is indeed very fat, and it belongs to the kind where the meat should not grow, and the meat should not grow crazy. Her posture has no beauty at all, and many people call her to be fat in private. pig.

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