A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1536

At the moment he showed a meaningful smile and said: “I’ve already come, so what are you doing in a hurry? You are Murong’s friend. As Murong’s fiance, I should treat you well!”
He deliberately bit the word’enter’ more heavily, and his face was full of meaningful smiles. Anyone who knew Layton at the scene knew that Layton was angry and wanted to humiliate Lin Ziming severely. .
This situation is something they love to see. They have hatred against Lin Ziming, but now they can see Lin Ziming embarrassed, that would be great!
Lin Ziming didn’t even care about Layton. He looked at Murongxue from the beginning to the end. To be honest, he didn’t care who Layton was, and he didn’t care about it. He came here. It was purely for Murongxue’s face.
However, he could no longer see the feeling in Murongxue’s eyes. The Murongxue now is no longer the Murongxue used to be.
He shook his head, sighed in his heart, sighed a little, and then just turned and left.
But as soon as he left like this, he was immediately stopped by Layton, “Stop! Is this the place where you want to come?”
He said these words very unceremoniously, and his tone became much colder. In accordance with the current situation, if he changes to other people, he will definitely be very scared, but for Lin Ziming, naturally, he feels nothing at all.
Lin Ziming stopped and turned around, “Why do you want to force me to stay?”
Murongxue was a little nervous. She said: “Lin Ziming, you shouldn’t be so stingy. I saw that you rarely come back, so I called my friends in the circle to greet you. I just made a joke with you. Is that angry?”
What she said was to clean up the ridicule of Lin Ziming just now. If Lin Ziming were to leave, it would become Lin Ziming’s stingy.
Others also said, “Yes, Lin Ziming, wouldn’t you really be so stingy? Everyone is a friend, and you haven’t seen it for so long. If you make a joke with you, then do you take it seriously?”
“Ho ho, so many years have passed, how come you have become even more stingy than before.”
“No meaning, no consciousness.”
What’s more, he said: “I see, he is not angry, but scared. After all, he is not a bad mess, hahaha.”
The smile on Leyton’s face became even brighter. He looked like a protagonist. He stepped forward two steps and said to Lin Ziming: “Lin Ziming, right? They all made a joke with you just now. You don’t have to. Take it to heart. You are Murong’s friend. Let me entertain you. Don’t worry, I will treat you tonight. You don’t need to spend any money. You can eat whatever you like.”
Others also followed Lin Ziming hypocritically, joking, they were here specifically to mock Lin Ziming and embarrass Lin Ziming. If Lin Ziming went back so easily, it would be ridiculous.
Lin Ziming fell silent, seeming to hesitate.
At this moment Murong Xue said again: “Ziming, come and sit down, I will toast you a cup first.”
Murong Xue came over with a wine glass.
Lin Ziming showed a smile, and after clinking glasses with Murongxue, he began to sit down generously.
Leyton also sat down, Murongxue snuggled against his friend, looking like a little bird, and deliberately held Murongxue’s waist, with a seductive expression on her face, which was clearly showing off.

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