A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1540

You know, Lin Ziming used to be the second young master of the Lin family, and Murongxue was Lin Ziming’s childhood sweetheart. Now his behavior is to grab women with Lin Ziming, and he likes this feeling the most.
Lin Ziming naturally saw Layton’s thoughts at a glance. To be honest, he didn’t care about Layton, but Murongxue’s approach really disappointed him. A friend who was such a good friend before became so realistic and realistic. The city is gone.
He shook his head and said, “Murongxue, do you really think that after I left the Lin family, I really can’t hang on? You grew up with me, you should know me very well, in your mind , I just don’t use it like this?”
Murongxue was moved when she saw his gaze, but she immediately shook her head and denied it, thinking it was just Lin Ziming’s dying struggle, swollen face to fill the fat man, if Lin Ziming is really good, then It is impossible to wear so shabbyly on such an important occasion as tonight!
And when he came just now, Lin Ziming didn’t even drive, which is a completely desolate performance!
She can understand Lin Ziming’s desolation and even some sympathy, but Lin Ziming is clearly desolate, and she has to pretend to be very powerful. She even said that she is the chairman of the Lin Group. !
She sneered and said, “Lin Ziming, I am really disappointed in you. I originally thought that for the sake of friends for many years, I was planning to introduce Shao Lei to you, let Shao Lei arrange work for you, Your life is a little better, and I never thought that you not only don’t appreciate it, but also give me an idea! Hmph, you don’t take a piss and take a picture of yourself. Are you now qualified to pursue me?”
With these words, Murongxue felt a lot more comfortable, especially the encouraging and satisfying look in Layton’s eyes towards her, which made her even more happy.
Lin Ziming sighed. At this moment, he had thrown away the last trace of his concern for Murongxue’s old friend. Now Murongxue is no longer the Murongxue he had remembered.
“You said so well, because we are all old friends. I originally wanted to promote your Murong family. I didn’t think you would put me in my eyes. If you said a good meal, you still called me. So many people came to humiliate me.” Lin Ziming said with a smile. He faced the hostility and ridicule of so many people alone, without the slightest restraint or anxiety. He seemed to walk in a leisurely manner, to be generous, and on the aura. There is nothing to lose, but anyone with a bit of foresight will find that such Lin Ziming can’t be downright.
“Murongxue, I admit that I did have a good impression of you before, but do you think that after so many years, do I still like you? You feel too good about yourself. Now you can’t get into my eyes at all. .”
Hearing these words from Lin Ziming, Murongxue’s face became even more ugly, and she snorted heavily, “You!!!”
She originally wanted to see Lin Ziming regret, panic, or even confession, but she did not expect that Lin Ziming was a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water, and even dared to say such excessive words.
She directly said to Leiton: “Brother Lei, he bullied me!”
Leighton nodded, his eyes fixed on Lin Ziming, full of hostility and coldness, and with a big wave of his hand, he said, “Get me down with this surname Lin!”
He was going to directly attack Lin Ziming.

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