A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1541

Hearing what he said, many people immediately strode towards Lin Ziming eagerly, their mouths full of grinning.
“This Lin Ziming is finished, dare to fight Lei Shao? Isn’t this looking for death!”
“I see Lin Ziming’s poor life in the past few years, there is a problem in his mind, otherwise, how could he do such a stupid thing?”
“There’s a good show here. Tell me, will Lin Ziming kneel down and beg for mercy?”
“Sure, he offends Shao Lei, he still wants to leave?”
“I will take this scene later and send it to the circle of friends, hahaha…”
At this moment, everyone was mocking Lin Ziming, thinking that Lin Ziming must be finished this time.
The corners of Lin Ziming’s mouth also rose slightly, revealing a joking smile. It’s ridiculous that these people actually want to harden him.
Since this is the case, it is also necessary for him to teach these guys a profound lesson.
“Lin Ziming, you rubbish, I used to rely on you as the second young master of the Lin family. I didn’t know as much as you. Now that you are an ant, you still dare to jump in front of us? A painful lesson for you.”
Soon there was a taller young man who rushed in front of Lin Ziming for the first time, with a grin on his face, then shot directly, grabbing Lin Ziming’s neck, and wanted to take Lin Ziming down.
Obviously, he has practiced some handles, which is a bit more powerful than ordinary people, but for Lin Ziming, what is the difference from Ants.
Lin Ziming was also not polite when he came over, he just slapped it and slapped it very loudly.
The man was beaten and rotated three times on the spot, and then fell to the ground. The whole person was dumbfounded, and half of his face was red and swollen, like a pig’s head.
At the same time accompanied by painful screams.
Lin Ziming’s slap didn’t use too much strength, otherwise he would have to knock off the opponent’s head. Although he was using his full strength, Lin Ziming also penetrated some internal energy into it, and this was enough to make this guy suffer.
Others saw that Lin Ziming settled someone so easily, and they were stunned for a moment. They did not think that Lin Ziming had not seen him in five years, and his skills had become so good, and they didn’t even think that Lin Ziming was so courageous, and he was already in despair. I dare to fight back, this is simply looking for death, absolutely looking for death!
“Damn, let’s go together and kill him!” The young man who fell on the ground was already out of anger and yelled hysterically.
Others also started to get annoyed. Lin Ziming, this guy, didn’t kneel down and begged them for mercy. He even dared to fight back and hurt someone. This is simply unforgivable!
In addition, they themselves have a grudge against Lin Ziming. They drank a lot of wine just now. As the so-called wine is full of human gall, now they are full of anger in their chests, screaming in their mouths, all around Come over from all directions and rush towards Lin Ziming together.
They didn’t believe it anymore. They went together, but couldn’t take Lin Ziming?
They want to directly maimed Lin Ziming!

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