A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1545

No, it’s no one. It’s one of Jiang Liqun’s subordinates. He is on the road. It’s a bit of status. I’ve seen Lin Ziming several times before. In front of Lin Ziming, they are extremely respectful, more than a primary school student. To be honest, for fear that one of your own inappropriate actions might provoke Lin Ziming.
The reason why Lin Ziming had an impression of him was that he was indeed very flattering.
Unexpectedly, Layton called for help, this guy, it really is a coincidence.
Lin Ziming thought that the person Leiton called this time was from the Lei family. He also guessed that he would call Jiang Liqun directly and call Jiang Liqun to come over and cooperate with him to pretend to be forceful. Now It seems that this is not necessary.
When Leighton saw this man, his face suddenly showed a flattering smile, and he hurried up to greet him, with some respectful attitude in his attitude: “You are here, Mr. Ding, great, I have already waited for you. For a long time!”
The others present also showed respectful expressions when they saw this President Ding, because they all knew that the identity of President Ding was not simple. As the confidant of the legendary Jiang Liqun, Jiang Liqun had been there for the past two years. Province g can be described as generous, but now I don’t know how terrifying my strength is!
In particular, I heard that Jiang Liqun is still the mysterious chairman of the Lin Group, and his future is limitless. Even the Lei family is not enough to look at Jiang Liqun.
For this President Ding, Layton has been with each other for a long time, and the Lei family’s cooperation with the Lin Group some time ago is because of the line that Ding has set up.
It was precisely because of Leiton that the business with the Lin Group was negotiated, and his status in Lei’s family skyrocketed.
Sit firmly in the position of the Lei family.
Now that something happened to him, the first thing he thought of was this Ding with hands and eyes open to the sky!
It just so happened that Lin Ziming dared to claim to be the chairman of the Lin Group, and now it would be better to call Mr. Ding over.
President Ding is not too tall, or even a little short, but his aura is very big, followed by a group of bodyguards with big cows and horses, which is not easy at first glance. So after he came in, he crushed everyone at once.
He strode over, raised his head and chest, very arrogant and arrogant.
Now he does have this arrogant capital. As Jiang Liqun’s confidant, his current strength can be described as terrifying, and even the Lei family will flatter him!
Originally, he also wanted to make friends with Leiton. After all, Leiton is the eldest master of the Lei family. In the future, there is a high probability that he will take over the Lei family. It just so happened that he didn’t have anything important, and when he received a call from Leyton, he immediately called Master to rush over.
With his current identity and strength, to teach a little martial artist, that is not a matter of grasping.
Since it is such a simple matter, he can still sell Layton a favor at that time. Why not do this kind of thing?
“Master Lei, I heard that there are humble beasts who dare to offend you? It’s totally unreasonable! Who is so bold and doesn’t want to live anymore?!” Ding Fengmao said loudly, full of energy, and at the same time his eyes Field sweep.

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