A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1548

His remarks were appreciated by Lin Ziming. Originally, he didn’t have a deep impression of Ding Fengmao. He just knew that Ding Fengmao was just one of Jiang Liqun’s subordinates. Now it seems that this Ding Fengmao is quite powerful.
When Leyton heard this, he finally reacted, his face lost his blood in an instant, and he quickly said to Ding Fengmao: “Ding Fengmao! What’s the situation? Is there something wrong, Lin Ziming? , It’s just the abandoned son of the Lin family, now that he is not as good as a pig and a dog, how could he be your chairman!”
He said this excitedly and quickly, his face was full of incredulity. It was not that he had to accept the ability, but that what happened before his eyes was too far from his imagination, so someone suddenly told him, There are dinosaurs in this world, and they are right in front of him.
It completely violates his attempts for so many years, so the first reaction will feel that this must be some high-tech synthesis, it is fake!
However, when Ding Fengmao heard these words, the coldness in his eyes became more intense, and even murderous intent appeared!
This guy Leyton actually dared to humiliate the chairman so much in front of him. If he didn’t teach Leyton harshly, it would be his subordinate’s dereliction of duty!
“Presumptuous!” Ding Fengmao shouted loudly at the moment, “Leyton, you ant, you dare to humiliate the chairman, it’s a death crime!”
When he finished speaking, he immediately stepped up in two steps, slapped Leyton’s face hard, and slapped Leyton’s face with great strength.
The whole person also flew upside down.
You know, Ding Fengmao is also a martial artist, although he is not in the innate realm, but the slap of his anger shot is so powerful that it is not something a dude of Leyton can bear.
Suddenly, Leyton was beaten badly and almost fainted. The whole person’s head was buzzing non-stop.
This slap finally awakened Leighton. He finally realized that he really kicked the iron this time. Murongxue’s childhood sweetheart was not an abandoned son, but a real big man. The chairman of the Lin Group, at this level, is similar to a god, so how can he resist!
At the same time, he was extremely ashamed and regretful.
The shame was not aimed at Lin Ziming, but at Murong Xue. If it were not for Murong Xue, he would never offend a big man like Lin Ziming!
As for regret, I knew that Lin Ziming’s background was so big, and he wouldn’t dare to offend Lin Ziming in this way after killing him!
After Ding Fengmao slapped the face, he immediately looked at Lin Ziming cautiously, and caught Lin Ziming’s tears of satisfaction. He even more stunned, and wiped a cold sweat. He did it right this time, otherwise Lin Ziming would be true. Won’t let him go so easily.
“Come here!” Ding Fengmao shouted loudly, “Tie Leyton, this beast, and throw it into the sea to feed the sharks!”
“Yes, President Ding!”
Immediately behind Ding Fengmao, several sturdy men emerged to subdue Layton.
Where did Layton have seen this kind of scene, he was already scared to death at the moment.

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