A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1550

In fact, what happened just now was too shocking and subverting for them.
It was like a dream. Before that, who would have thought that the abandoned son of the Lin family, whom they looked down upon, would have changed and become the chairman of the high-ranking Lin Group?
It was just as absurd as an ant on the ground suddenly became a dragon in the sky.
Soon, they couldn’t help but looked at Murongxue who was still in a daze. They all realized that Murongxue had missed the great opportunity this time!
Isn’t it? Originally, as Murongxue, Lin Ziming and Lin Ziming grew up together as childhood sweethearts. Now that Lin Ziming is so powerful, he is still willing to eat with her. He must still be in love. But now, it has been ruined by Murong Xue.
As the client’s Murongxue, she had only reacted now, hot tears were streaming down her eyes, her regret was so extreme, she cried out!
Thinking of what she said to Lin Ziming just now, she only felt extremely regret and ridicule. Lin Ziming was so powerful, as the chairman of the Lin Group, and she actually ridiculed Lin Ziming that way!
If it weren’t for her death tonight, based on her relationship with Lin Ziming, she would definitely be able to reconnect with Lin Ziming.
But now, there is nothing, nothing…
This feeling of regret was so strong that she could not bear it directly, rolled her eyes and fainted.
Not long after, Leyton also received a call from his home, scolded him, and deprived him of his status as Lei’s youngster. At that moment, Leiton’s face was ashamed, and he passed out.
The scene was once chaotic.
On Lin Ziming’s side, after he came out of the hotel, his mood had returned to normal.
What happened just now has no effect on him.
Ding Fengmao has been bending over, carefully following behind him, putting his posture extremely low, for fear that an improper action of himself might provoke Lin Ziming.
The current Lin Ziming, to him, is similar to the ancient emperor, staying next to Lin Ziming, he felt the horror of companionship like a tiger.
This feeling is something he doesn’t have when facing Jiang Liqun, or any big man.
“You seem to be very afraid of me?” Lin Ziming suddenly turned around, looking at Ding Fengmao with a smile.
But Ding Fengmao was already nervous enough. When Lin Ziming’s eyes were seen, his mind was completely blank, and he didn’t understand what Lin Ziming said, so he quickly said: “Chairman, I damn it, please director. Forgive me!”
As he said, he kept slapping himself.
Although the lesson he taught Leyton just now was obtained with Lin Ziming’s permission, this does not mean that he is completely exonerated.
Who made him call Lin Ziming a beast just now? This is definitely a big mistake!
Lin Ziming was a little speechless. Is his feelings so terrible in Ding Fengmao’s eyes?
“What are you nervous about, am I that scary?” Lin Ziming said helplessly.
Ding Fengmao wiped a cold sweat, “Chairman, your aura is too strong, and your subordinates are afraid.”
Lin Ziming waved his hand and said, “Okay, you can go back.”
Ding Fengmao nodded and quickly stepped back, not daring to disturb Lin Ziming any more. He found that as long as he stayed next to Lin Ziming, he would feel extremely stressful. After a long time, he suspected that he would have a heart attack.
After Ding Fengmao left, Lin Ziming looked at a place with deep eyes and said with a smile: “Friend, you have followed me for so long, should you come out?”

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