A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1551

Lin Ziming looked at the dark place. There were obviously no people in that place, and it looked weird, causing some passers-by to show weird expressions, wondering if he saw something dirty.
A cowardly lady also showed an expression of fear, and quickly kept a distance from him, thinking that Lin Ziming was either a grandstanding or a lunatic.
But after Lin Ziming’s words fell, there was still no movement in that dark place.
To the people around it, it seemed that Lin Ziming was really talking to himself.
“This man is talking to himself, isn’t he a lunatic?”
“In my opinion, he is sensationalizing, deliberately scaring people. There are many such boring people now.”
“I can’t see it. Maybe he saw something unclean. It’s a ghost festival soon…”
Lin Ziming didn’t care about the weird gazes of these passers-by. Naturally, it was impossible for him to read it wrong. He looked at that place with deep gaze. In fact, he had discovered someone following him a long time ago, and he was still a powerful expert. But he had been silent just now, so he wanted to see who was following him.
After distracting Ding Fengmao, he began to speak.
But after he finished speaking, the other party still didn’t show up. In the eyes of others, he was really talking to himself again, which was quite embarrassing.
He didn’t feel embarrassed either, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, revealing a meaningful smile, “In this case, don’t blame me for being impolite.”
After the voice fell, I saw two coins appeared in his hand, and then he seemed to be very relaxed, the coin bounced directly out of his hand, extremely fast, in the dimly lit night, it was completely I couldn’t see the track, I just heard a buzzing sound, and the coin flew out.
With two puffs, they hit the dark place, as if they were stuck on something hard.
Immediately afterwards, there was a tall figure walking out of that dark place, with two more deformed coins in his hand, also showing an intriguing smile, “Hua country actually has you like you Master, it’s really rare.”
He didn’t speak Chinese, but English. As soon as the voice fell, the two coins disappeared from his hand, and they flicked directly on Lin Ziming’s head and shoulders.
Moreover, after he finished playing these two coins, he didn’t give up. Instead, he immediately popped out two round steel balls. The speed was even faster than before. In the blink of an eye, he had already reached Lin Ziming’s. In front of him, and extremely vicious, flew towards Lin Ziming’s eyes!
The power brought by it even surpasses bullets.
If Lin Ziming could dodge and be hit, even at his level, he would be seriously injured. If he was blind, his life would be in danger.
If you change other people, experts like Peng Zhuo and Zhao Xia will definitely not be able to dodge them, and they will be killed directly.
For Lin Ziming, he did not have much movement, that is, two coins appeared in his hand, just hitting the two rapidly flying steel balls, there were two bangs, fierce collisions, and sparks appeared. Was shot down.
His counterattack was very elegant and calm, making this tall figure that walked out of the dark flashes of surprise and fear in his eyes.
At the same time, Lin Ziming also saw clearly who came.
This is a white man who is not particularly tall and tall, even a few centimeters shorter than him, but his aura is extremely strong, especially the breath that radiates from his body, extremely domineering, and extremely vigorous.
In an instant, Lin Ziming could see that this was an extremely strong man of the Dzogchen Congenital Realm, and his strength even reached the level of Lei Zhen!
And he looked pretty old, about forty years old.
It’s not easy, this foreigner who came out casually has such strength.

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