A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1553

Lin Ziming was naturally very upset with his posture. He was obviously a foreigner, and he dared to be so arrogant when he arrived in a foreign country. This arrogance is no longer only directed at him, but directed at the entire country of China.
“So you came today to come to me for revenge?” Lin Ziming said intriguingly with a smile.
His eyes are like a torch, and he has already seen through the other party. Although this foreigner is very strong, his energy and energy are gathered together, and his energy and blood are extremely strong. Under normal conditions, he can easily live 150 years old, but he will come to him. That’s nothing more than that.
If the foreigner wants to make a move, he can teach him a lesson, and he can’t take a few tricks.
The leader also smiled, showing his white teeth. He took off his hat, revealing his handsome and fierce face, especially his eyes, which are piercing, like two little suns. , Even in the dark night, he could feel his brightness, Lin Ziming and him stared at each other, and there was a feeling of being burned.
Lin Ziming was very surprised. He could tell at a glance that this foreigner is still practicing Kungfu in China. At least this look is enough. When Lin Ziming was young, he saw similar training methods. Some ancient schools in China. In order to exercise his eyes and appear lethal, deliberately look directly at the sun at noon every day.
Ordinary people can’t look directly at the sun at noon because it’s too bright, but those who have applied the secret medicine juice can look at the sun face up with the exercises. After a long time, the eyes will be very bright, like a small sun. of.
Ordinary masters, staring at them, will soon become unbearable, resulting in flaws and being easily defeated.
“It’s interesting. In your words, you are extremely disdainful of China, but your practice is the way of China.” Lin Ziming said mockingly.
The leader snorted heavily, and did not agree with Lin Ziming’s statement. He coldly said: “You Chinese people just like to brag and think that all the work under the world comes from your country! Fa, but it comes from the Sun Nation, and the martial arts of your Chinese nation cannot even match the Sun Nation.”
When Lin Ziming heard this, he immediately knew that this foreigner did learn the method of eye-refining from the Sun Nation, but the method of eye-refining was passed from China to the Sun Nation.
This is a kind of sadness.
Because more than a hundred years ago, China was indeed very weak. It was also at that time that many of the essence of China was passed on to the Sun Kingdom, including a lot of martial arts knowledge.
At this moment, Lin Ziming felt the weakness and powerlessness of that era. If he was born in that era, how painful would he be?
He closed his eyes, and his thoughts at such a moment seemed to have traveled through time, returning to the era of many years ago, when the flames were raging to the sky and the whole country was ruined.
And at this time, his temperament changed.
Suddenly, the foreigner leader opposite him felt it, frowned instantly, and his eyes exuded surprise and viciousness: “This Chinese, unexpectedly realized this time?!”
Yes, Lin Ziming’s state is an epiphany.
This kind of epiphany is not about the physical cultivation, but about the spirit. In the midst of something, touching something will gradually increase his spiritual power a lot.
“Damn it, this Chinese, how could he have an epiphany at this time!” The foreign leader yelled in embarrassment. At the same time, he was extremely jealous in his heart. Only at their level did he realize that he wanted to have an epiphany. The place is rare, and it is normal for some people, if they are unlucky, not to have an epiphany once in a few years!
And the Chinese man in front of him, actually chatting with him, entered a state of epiphany, which was really annoying.
Even if he is such a talented genius, he has not had an epiphany for three years.
Of course, he wouldn’t let Lin Ziming’s enlightenment go so far. If Lin Ziming really gets better, it will be their beautiful country that will be damaged by that time!
As soon as the thought came up, the foreigner leader began to take action. There was no sign at all, and there was no movement. He brazenly took action. Almost in an instant, he had already arrived in front of Lin Ziming, his face showing hideous harmony With a sneer, he punched a certain point on Lin Ziming’s neck with a punch.

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