A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1555

In an instant, the foreigner leader felt unprecedented pressure, and it suddenly became dark in front of his eyes.
That kind of feeling, it seems that the world is suddenly dark, and all the sky is falling down, it is extremely terrifying.
He felt Lin Ziming’s sudden change, his heart beat fiercely a few times, and his expression instantly changed. It turned out that Lin Ziming didn’t use his full strength just now.
However, his reaction was also extremely fast, it was just that in an instant, he responded and avoided Lin Ziming’s strenuous punch.
However, even if he escaped Lin Ziming’s first punch, he could not escape Lin Ziming’s second punch, not to mention Lin Ziming’s subsequent offensive like a stormy sea.
“Hi!” The foreign leader felt the great pressure, but he didn’t panic. As an experienced powerhouse, he naturally wouldn’t panic so easily. He had never thought about whether he would be this Hua. The rival of the Chinese.
He has absolute confidence in himself. In addition to his absolute martial arts talent, he also believes in the technology of the beautiful country. After transforming him, he is definitely not defeated by a mere Chinese.
This is his absolute worship of science.
However, he still thinks a little bit more, because he doesn’t even know who he is facing.
Lin Ziming raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw that the foreigner leader faced his active attack, and he was able to react and counterattack. “It’s interesting.”
Originally, he thought that the foreigner leader was at Lei Zhen’s level at most, but now it seems that he is still a bit underestimated.
The most important thing is that he can feel that this foreigner leader has the aura of a Chinese powerhouse, and the other party’s moves are also concise and straightforward.
Although this kind of move is very straightforward, it can concentrate all the strength of the whole body to one point and play the greatest power, but the degree of sophistication of the move is still not as good as the martial arts of China, and even worse.
Lin Ziming also didn’t rush to defeat the opponent immediately, but deliberately suppressed the realm, revealing that he was equal to the opponent, and observed the opponent’s moves and styles of play.
The foreigner leader became more excited and more relaxed, and at the same time he became more and more confident, because he believed that he had already grasped the strength of this Chinese and was not his opponent.
Moreover, this is such a young Chinese. If he can beat this Chinese to death on the ground in China, it will definitely be a very happy thing!
Thinking of the scene, his whole body became excited, and the blood on his body also boiled suddenly.
Suddenly, his attack became more violent, and his mouth made a disdainful voice, “A little Chinese, dare to speak out and capture me?”
Lin Ziming didn’t speak, it seemed that he really couldn’t take the foreign leader for a while.
The foreign leader continued: “A strong young man like you should not appear in China. What should not exist should disappear.”

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