A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1556

After saying these words, his whole aura also ushered in a huge change, his fists continuously rushed towards Lin Ziming’s direction, as if ten thousand arrows were fired, it instantly enveloped Lin Ziming’s body, as long as Lin Ziming If you are not careful, you will suffer severely if you get hit.
Lin Ziming had to sigh, this foreigner’s kung fu is indeed very handsome, if Lei Zhen is replaced, it is not necessarily his opponent.
It’s a pity that such a strong man met him.
After continuing to observe the foreigner leader for a while, Lin Ziming has already studied the opponent’s moves and styles of play. A playful smile appeared on his mouth and said, “That’s it, let me lie down. !”
After finishing this sentence, Lin Ziming’s movements changed again, he turned out to have the same moves and style of play as the foreign leader, and even the momentum in it was the same.
Feeling the change of Lin Ziming, the pupils of the foreign leader suddenly shrank and blurted out: “This is impossible!”
It is impossible to describe the shock in his heart at this moment in words. The Chinese man in front of him actually copied his style of play, and it is still so exquisite. In that moment, he seemed to see another himself. How could this be possible!
But Lin Ziming didn’t have a chance to give him this reaction. His speed increased all of a sudden, and he instantly came to the foreigner leader. He blasted a punch and hit a sonic boom. The foreigner leader hurriedly took the punch, but immediately, Lin Ziming His second punch, third punch, fourth punch…have already enveloped him, and the strength is so huge, it seems that every punch has produced ten tons of strength, which shocked him. The whole body is trembling!
Finally, when he received the twelfth punch, he couldn’t catch it, because he already felt the blood tumbling, and even his internal organs were shaken. Then, even if Lin Ziming’s fist didn’t hit him. , Also have to shake him out of internal injuries!
At the close of his hair, he made a self-righteous response, that is, he took out two daggers from his pocket, and slashed them across Lin Ziming’s neck.
This is his secret weapon, he has forgotten how long he has not taken out these two daggers.
Because all the opponents he has encountered over the years are ants, he can crush with only a pair of iron fists.
Lin Ziming is now the first opponent he has lost in so many years, and he has to draw out his own assassin.
Lin Ziming was a little surprised when he saw this action. Instead, he smiled and said, “So this is your assassin? I’m sorry, you are dead.”
I can’t see how Lin Ziming moves. When the foreigner leader’s dagger didn’t even hit his neck, his kick hit the foreigner leader’s abdomen. His strength was as great as over a hundred. The yard-per-hour car slammed into the foreign leader’s body, knocking him out.
It flew out more than 20 meters, and then fell to the ground.
Lin Ziming’s kick directly knocked the foreign leader’s ability to act.
The foreign leader spouted a mouthful of blood, his face was like gold paper, and his eyes showed incredible and fear. He never imagined that Lin Ziming’s strength was so powerful that he would retreat and give up in the face of his assassin. He was seriously injured.
“This is impossible, this is impossible!!”
The head of the foreigner was furious. Soon, he saw Lin Ziming’s playful gaze, and he realized that from the very beginning, Lin Ziming didn’t put him in his eyes. He had been fighting with him for so long just now. It’s just secretly learning! !

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