A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1564

However, no matter how she shouted, Lin Ziming didn’t look back. At this moment, Lin Ziming had disappeared from her sight.
At just this time, from behind, there was the sound of meowing and the cold night breeze that caused Shangguan Shuyao to get goose bumps all over her body, and her scalp became numb.
She kept cursing Lin Ziming, realizing that Lin Ziming was really gone, she was so scared that she was about to cry, so scared that her feet were trembling, and the childhood shadow of her childhood was once again enveloped in her heart.
Yes, she is afraid of the dark and ghosts. It has been a long, long time that she has been alone by herself. Even if she sleeps at home, she always sleeps with the light on.
Now this situation really scared her, sobbing and saying: “Dead Lin Ziming, stinky Lin Ziming, the sad thing, unexpectedly left this lady aside, oh oh oh… .”
She wanted to go, but at this time, the environment was really gloomy and terrifying. Her feet were trembling and she lost her strength.
Moreover, at the most horrible time, the two flashing street lights were now directly darkened, and her surroundings became pitch black, and she was even more frightened, and she cried directly.
That voice was very bleak and terrified.
Lin Ziming, who had already walked for a while, stopped when he heard her cry.
This voice doesn’t sound like it was pretended. Could it be that Shangguan Shuyao really cried?
But it makes no sense. Shangguan Shuyao is a courageous girl. She is not afraid of the sky and the earth. How can she be afraid of the dark?
After thinking about it, Lin Ziming decided to go back and have a look. In case Shangguan Shuyao was really afraid of the dark and left her alone, something really happened, and he would not be good at dealing with each other.
Ever since, after he went back, he saw the shimmer of light projected from a distance, and he saw Shangguan Shuyao squatting there, burying her head on her knees, crying, that was helpless and pitiful.
Especially the cry, full of fear and weakness.
Lin Ziming couldn’t believe it if he hadn’t seen it in person. This was the Shangguan Shuyao he knew.
Hearing the footsteps, Shangguan Shuyao became even more frightened, and she screamed: “Ah!! Ghost! Don’t come over, don’t come over! Uuuuuu…”
Her reaction was completely shocked.
Lin Ziming felt embarrassed for a while seeing her like this.
“It’s me.” Lin Ziming said, his voice as gentle as possible, so as not to frighten Shangguan Shuyao.
Sure enough, Shangguan Shuyao, who was kicking backwards in a panic, shook her body severely after hearing his voice, and then immediately raised her head. Seeing Lin Ziming, she suddenly seemed to have found the backbone and stood up, quickly. He threw himself into Lin Ziming’s arms and hugged him tightly.
Furthermore, with both feet off the ground, the whole person hung on Lin Ziming’s body like a koala, yelling incessantly: “I am wrong, I am wrong, don’t leave me, don’t throw me alone Here, please, oooooo…”

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