A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1565

Her voice was full of panic and helplessness, she was the little girl who had been frightened, now crying in the arms of the adult.
To be honest, her appearance moved Lin Ziming quite a bit. He had never seen Shangguan Shuyao like this before.
Lin Ziming could clearly feel that Shangguan Shuyao didn’t pretend, but was really so scared and anxious. If he left at this time, Shangguan Shuyao would really be frightened out of illness.
Lin Ziming sighed heavily, he confessed his fate, maybe Shangguan Shuyao was really his creditor in his previous life, and he came to collect the debt in this life.
Originally, he was cruel to leave, regardless of Shangguan Shuyao’s, but now, Shangguan Shuyao, who is panicked and helpless, is nothing more than a little girl of a few years old, where can he leave.
He allowed Shangguan Shuyao to hang on him, and he didn’t care about the intimacy of men and women. He gently stroked Shangguan Shuyao’s hair, comfortingly said, “Don’t be afraid anymore, I am here. , I won’t leave.”
His voice seemed to have magical power, so that Shangguan Shuyao’s original panic was calmed down a lot, and he sobbed and said, “Are you really going to leave? Really, are you not leaving Yaoyao?”
It seems that this is Shangguan Shuyao’s nickname.
At this time, Lin Ziming felt that he had become a daddy, shouting at a little girl. He nodded and said, “Well, I won’t leave Yaoyao, Yaoyao will come down first.”
With that said, Lin Ziming was about to put Shangguan Shuyao down, but didn’t want to. Lin Ziming’s action directly stimulated Shangguan Shuyao, “No! I won’t come down! Yaoyao is afraid! Yaoyao is afraid!”
Shangguan Shuyao seemed to be really frightened. She was still in a state of panic. She hugged Lin Ziming tightly. With that strength, even with Lin Ziming’s physique, she felt some breathing difficulties.
He is so difficult.
If this scene is seen by those in Yandu, it is estimated that all of him will be regarded as a rival in love.
And if Shangfeng saw it, he would definitely think that he had done Shangguan Shuyao.
But in fact, he and Shangguan Shuyao are nothing but tofu mixed with shallots!
Fortunately, this is a dark corner. At this point, no one comes here, otherwise he will be embarrassed if he is to be seen.
“Cough cough.” Lin Ziming coughed twice and patted Shangguan Shuyao on the back, trying to calm her down first, comfortingly said: “Well, uncle will not leave, uncle will not leave.”
Hearing these words, Shangguan Shuyao finally relaxed slowly.
She hung on Lin Ziming like this, making Lin Ziming very embarrassed. For a while, he didn’t know what to do. He had never encountered such a situation before. After a while, he saw that Shangguan Shuyao’s body stopped shaking, and his breathing slowly became normal. He was about to speak, but he heard Shangguan Shuyao’s snoring.
Suddenly, his body stopped. In what circumstances, Shangguan Shuyao, the girl, fell asleep?
The corners of Lin Ziming’s mouth twitched a few more times. This was truly incredible.
And he didn’t dare to wake Shangguan Shuyao rashly. Now Shangguan Shuyao’s nerves are obviously abnormal. If he wakes Shangguan Shuyao and Shangguan Shuyao has another attack, it will be a troublesome thing again!
After thinking about it, he decided to send Shangguan Shuyao to the hotel first…
Do not.
As soon as this idea appeared, he pressed it down.

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