A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1568

He gritted his teeth hard, adjusted his body, and started to rush back to his residence at an accelerated rate.
After half an hour, he finally returned.
“Leader, you are back… Chief, what are you?!”
The guard at the door found the leader and immediately saluted the foreign leader. Their expressions were full of admiration and awe. But immediately, they discovered that there was something wrong with the leader. They saw that the leader was sweating profusely, his expression was slightly painful, and he was walking. The appearance is also a bit unnatural, there are blood stains on his body, it is obvious that he has been seriously injured.
They find it incredible. In their view, the leader is invincible. How can anyone hurt the leader?
“Chief, are you injured?” another guard asked cautiously.
The leader frowned slightly. He didn’t like his subordinates seeing his embarrassed hands, and immediately said with a straight face, “Don’t ask anything that shouldn’t be asked!”
Although the foreign leader was injured, his majesty was still terrifying, and he immediately made the two and the guard’s face straightened, no matter what he asked.
After the leader entered, they were extremely shocked, because they were not blind, and realized that the leader was really injured, and the injury was still serious. They were very curious about what kind of person they were. Where is the leader injured?
The leader speeded up his pace and returned to the hall. When he came in, he found that many of his subordinates were still in the hall. After he came in, he turned his eyes on him. Seeing how he was injured, his reaction was better than those outside. The guard is even more exaggerated.
“Chief, are you…injured?”
“Chief, who is so powerful that actually wounded you the leader?!”
“It must be the leader who was besieged by the master, otherwise, with the strength of the leader, how could he be injured!”
Many foreign masters in the hall were all talking about it.
The foreign leader coughed twice and said, “Quiet.”
Hearing the words of the foreign leader, they immediately calmed down, but the shock and curiosity in their eyes could not be concealed.
Jack, in the crowd, realized something, his face suddenly changed. Is it possible that the leader is going to trouble the Chinese?
Recalling the strength and dominance of that Chinese, it is very possible!
But as he approached, he realized a terrible thing again. Is that Chinese man so terrifying? Even such a powerful leader is not an opponent?
At exactly this time, the leader looked at him, and he understood at once that the leader was really injured by the Chinese.
Don’t know why, thinking of the appearance of the Chinese, he couldn’t help his scalp tingling.
“Okay, go and rest, I have nothing to do.” The foreigner leader said, after two steps, he thought of something, and said back: “Also, these few days, you are all honest, don’t cause trouble, do your best Prepare for the Kung Fu Cup, you know?”
It could be seen that the leader was not joking, his expression was very serious, and they quickly responded:
“Yes, boss!”
After the foreign leader entered their room, they all realized that this time the leader was mostly beaten by the mysterious Chinese man. For a while, they all set off a huge wave in their hearts!

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