A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1569

After the foreign leader entered the room, he dared to relax his body and grinned. Lin Ziming’s final blow to him was too great, and it directly caused him serious injuries. Fortunately, his body was strong enough, otherwise it would still be possible. Injury to the foundation will greatly reduce his future strength.
This damn Chinese!
Fortunately, he came to China this time and brought his own medical team. This injury can still be recovered before the Kung Fu Cup through retreat.
This villa was a stronghold set by his team in Huaguo several years ago. In his room, when a button was pressed, the closet was opened and a hidden door appeared. After he walked in, it was ten meters away. , Appeared in a closed and bright laboratory.
The area of ​​this laboratory is quite large, and there are many white figures walking in it. They are all high-level life scientists and medical scientists in the world today.
I was surprised to see him coming in because of his serious injury.
“Chief, you are injured, who hurt you?”
Immediately, an old man with a white scalp walked over. His eyes were particularly bright and full of wisdom. At first glance, he knew that he was a scientist with a high IQ.
The foreigner chief simply told what happened tonight, and finally he gritted his teeth and said unwillingly: “This Chinese is very powerful, even surpassing Solomon! I have a hunch that this time the Kung Fu Cup, he is ours. The biggest obstacle to the beautiful country!”
However, these scientists, after hearing the leader’s words, immediately denied them, saying: “Impossible! Solomon is the most powerful weapon that our team has made. Under the strong man in the realm of God, he is invincible. How can a small Chinese person be Solomon’s opponent?”
“Since he was three years old, Solomon has accepted the transformation of our team. He has undergone the most scientific and effective training in the world, and injected the most high-tech biological products. Now Solomon is an absolute powerhouse, capable of Under this circumstance, no one can beat Solomon!”
“Besides, the chief also said that this Chinese is very young, only 30 years old at most. How can such a young person have such a powerful force? This is completely against science!”
The reaction of these scientists was great, thinking that the leader was lying and just making excuses for his failure.
Especially the questioning of Solomon is something they cannot tolerate. You must know that Solomon is their team, the most proud work, and it will be a blockbuster and shock the world in the future.
And now a young Chinese casually appears, saying that he can defeat Solomon. Isn’t that funny?
The leader saw that they were so determined, and slowly became firm. That Chinese man should not be Solomon’s opponent. After all, he himself knew how strong Solomon was.
“In short, this Chinese is very strong. Even if it is not better than Solomon, it is not much worse. China has developed rapidly in recent years. I don’t know if this Chinese is the latest product of China.” The leader asked his own question.
However, his words were quickly denied by this group of scientists.
“There is no such possibility. China has only been liberated for decades. Whether it is biotechnology, military technology, or information technology, the development is very slow. Compared with our beautiful country, the gap is at least 50 years.”
“At least it is certain that Huaguo Biotechnology is still very backward, and it is impossible to build such a terrifying strength.”
“So I am even more suspicious that the Chinese person you met must be more than 30 years old. It may be that he took some medicine that changed his appearance and his blood became vigorous.”
“It is a fact that China is behind, and there is no possibility of a 30-year-old 5s-level supernatural power!”
Finally the old scientist said in a final word.
Foreign leaders trust these scientists because these people are the top team in the world, and what they say is authority.

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