A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1570

Based on his own experience, he thought about it seriously, and he also believed that the Chinese man could not be only thirty years old. He should have taken some medicine to make his blood vigorous.
Thinking about it this way, he felt much better in his heart.
As long as it is not an evildoer who is less than 30 years old, then he can still accept it.
Because if you give him another ten years, he will definitely be much stronger than he is now!
Moreover, after ten years of development, the biotechnology of the beautiful country will definitely be very powerful by then, and it can completely transform it into even more powerful.
Not much to say, the foreign leader lay down and received professional treatment.
This is the power of technology. Even if he suffers a huge injury, as long as he has a breath, this team can rescue him and recover well.
This is also the reason why he, as a beautiful countryman, dared to look down on sentient beings and look down upon China.
Two days later, Lin Ziming also went back to the three places in Xuanyuan. As the time for the Kung Fu Cup was getting closer and closer, his time was getting tighter.
After he returned to the three places in Xuanyuan, he didn’t even conceal it, and immediately reported the incident of the foreign leader’s sneak attack on him.
The people in the three places of Xuanyuan didn’t feel any surprise when they heard it, because they knew that Lin Ziming himself was also an extremely strong person in the Dzogchen Innate Realm, and he was also one of the best in the same realm.
But for the people on General Qin’s side, after hearing this, they were shocked and shocked.
“Instructor Lin, what you said is true?!”
A superior from the capital, his eyes widened, said in surprise.
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “Yes, there is nothing bragging about this matter.”
“According to your description, that foreigner is the leader of this beautiful country. His name is Johnson. He is an absolute strong. After the biological transformation of the beautiful country, his strength is extremely strong. Over the past few years, we have many masters in China. All died in his hands…”
What he meant was to say that such an awesome master, are you sure you injured him unscathed?
This sounds a bit bragging.
Other people from the capital also looked at Lin Ziming with similar expressions, obviously not believing it.
Lin Ziming didn’t bother to explain, and simply remained silent. Anyway, he just reported the incident.
Immediately another person asked, “Instructor Lin, since you wounded Johnson, why didn’t you catch him back?”
This question was so acute that everyone immediately turned their attention on Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming didn’t have too many explanations, and said concisely: “There was an accident and he escaped.”
Of course he wouldn’t be stupid enough to tell the story of Shangguan Shuyao’s appearance.

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