A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1571

Moreover, it is disgraceful to say how this matter is. If it is said, it will definitely cause misunderstanding. If it reaches Shangfeng, it will be even worse.
When other people saw that he was reluctant to say more, it was not easy to be embarrassed. After all, Lin Ziming’s strength was there and it was difficult to deal with.
Especially Li Dao, now he is much more honest, there is no way, Lin Ziming is much stronger than him, and the world of martial artists is just looking at his fists.
Then they began to discuss the Kung Fu Cup. After all, the time for the Kung Fu Cup is getting shorter and shorter, and there is less than half a month left.
During this period of time, more and more foreigners appeared in Province G. Not only the martial artists who came to participate in the Kung Fu Cup, but also many foreigners also came to join in.
This puts a lot of pressure on the three places of Xuanyuan.
For those warriors, Xuanyuan three places can be restrained, but there are too many foreigners, after all, they must rely on the power of the police to maintain order.
Fortunately, because Lin Ziming’s shot had suppressed a lot of this phenomenon, otherwise, it would be impossible to deal with it with the power of Xuanyuan Three.
But even so, the three places of Xuanyuan were too busy. Everyone left early and returned late, and their spirits were extremely tense.
Of course Lin Ziming is not idle, but he is not as busy as the other agents in Xuanyuan Three, but he mainly focuses on cultivation, because he has a hunch that this time the Kung Fu Cup, even though Peng Zhuo is Tell him that the above should not let him participate, because there are very few people in China who can meet the conditions to participate. Even if Lin Ziming is more powerful, it will be a death toll to participate.
But Lin Ziming felt that the time had come and he would definitely be allowed to participate.
So in order to plan ahead, he now wants to improve his strength as soon as possible.
It’s a pity that he has reached a bottleneck at this stage, and it is almost impossible for him to go further. But because he had an epiphany a while ago, he brought him one step closer to the threshold of the God-passing Realm.
In fact, at this point, he is to approach the God-passing state infinitely, almost a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. When his epiphany is enough, then he will naturally step into the God-passing state.
It’s just that this process is easy to say, but it is really difficult to achieve it, and it may even be impossible to step into it for a lifetime.
Of course, Lin Ziming is still very confident of himself. With his luck and understanding, given him time, he can definitely step into the realm of the gods.
And he has a hunch that winning the Kung Fu Cup this time will be an opportunity for him!
So now he puts everything on his hands temporarily, and puts his main energy on cultivation.
While he was practicing, ten days passed in a flash, and the foreign leader Johnson finally recovered with the service of the professional team.
He clenched his fist and made a sound of rubbing his joints. It sounded full of power. Originally he was fixed on the bed frame, but he pulled it easily. The handcuffs made of steel were actually caught by him. Break free!
His action immediately alarmed the other scientists in the laboratory. He quickly looked over and said in surprise: “Chief, are you awake? How do you feel now?”
The leader of the foreigner nodded, a divine light flashed in his eyes, and the spirit of the whole person was so strong that this group of scientists didn’t even dare to look into his eyes, and would feel the tingling.
The foreign leader twisted his body and revealed a deep smile, and said: “I feel like my body is full of explosive power now! The injuries on my body have recovered!”

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