A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1572

“Great!” An elderly scientist next to him said excitedly, “Boss, your physique is amazing, and your recovery ability is more than ten times that of ordinary people. And we found that this time you were injured, we gave you some medicine. The latest product not only restores your injury, but also greatly improves your cell viability. Now your strength is theoretically 20% higher than before the injury.”
Hearing this, the foreign leader Johnson was also a little surprised, and then he strode directly to the training room, facing a huge force measuring machine in front of him, he took a deep breath, exhausted all his strength, and punched!
Only a loud bang was heard.
This huge force measuring machine was actually shaken by his punch, and it caused the entire laboratory to tremble, as if it was an earthquake.
Even the foreigners on the ground felt it, and were extremely shocked.
Soon, the screen on the force measuring machine began to flicker rapidly until a number appeared.
“Oh my God! More than ten thousand pounds! Chief, the power of your punch actually produced nearly seven tons of power! It’s horrible, it’s horrible!”
The others were also dumbfounded, looking at the foreigner leader’s eyes as if they were looking at a monster. They couldn’t imagine how a person could exert such a powerful force. With this punch, the car could be knocked down. It is unimaginable, if this hits a person, how huge damage it will cause, a hole should be punched directly!
The foreign leader Johnson was also a little surprised. Originally, his strength was only about 10,000 pounds, but this time, it increased by almost half!
It seems that he got a blessing in disguise this time.
The biotechnology of the beautiful country is indeed the most advanced in the world.
He now has enough confidence that he will not be defeated if he meets the Chinese again!
He longed to have a fight with the Chinese and take revenge himself.
“Not bad.” He nodded in satisfaction, and said, “Your technology is so high that you have developed such a terrifying drug.”
Those scientists are also very happy. They are all technological madmen, dedicated to science and technology all their lives, and being able to develop such a powerful serum is a huge pride for them.
The foreign leader Johnson was very satisfied this time, and soon he changed his clothes and came out of the laboratory.
Seeing those subordinates, he said, “What happened during this period of time?”
“Looking back to the boss, it has been relatively calm recently. We have all stayed at the base to train and prepare for the next Kung Fu Cup.”
The foreign leader Johnson nodded and asked, “Where is Hua Guo? Are you guilty?”
“There are no…” They quickly denied that during this period of time, they did not dare to go out.
After a pause, someone said: “However, the leader, Country Y and Country Sun, they don’t know where they found out that you lost to the Chinese, they all secretly told your jokes…”
“What?!” Hearing this, the foreign leader Johnson frowned and became unhappy.
“Leader, they also invited you to the banquet tonight. We saw that you have not come out all the time. We wanted to refuse, then now…”
Johnson said: “No, I will go tonight tonight.”

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