A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1573

Johnson knew that if he didn’t attend tonight’s banquet, his international reputation would definitely be ruined, and everyone would think that he was beaten by the Chinese in fear! When the time comes, it is not just Johnson’s face that will be lost, but even the beautiful country behind him will be affected.
So in any case, he could not allow this to happen.
In the evening, he took a group of his men and rushed to the place of the banquet.
Tonight’s banquet was organized by foreign powers other than China. In addition to their beautiful country, there are also several countries.
When Johnson arrived, he immediately attracted a lot of attention.
“Look, Johnson is here.”
“Hey, it’s really Johnson. Isn’t this guy already scared by the Chinese, dare to appear here now?”
“Hahaha, he has been in hiding for ten days. I thought he had become a tortoise with a shrunken head. I didn’t even dare to show up. I heard that he was taught a lot by the Chinese.”
“It’s interesting, let’s go over and ask how he was defeated by a Chinese.”
“I can’t beat even a mere Chinese. It seems that this Johnson is nothing more than that, and he is not as powerful as the rumors.”
As a 5s-level superpower, Johnson’s hearing is many times better than ordinary people don’t know, so naturally he heard these people’s words all at once.
To be honest, he was very annoyed. At any rate, he was also a 5s-level superpower. A group of people standing on the top of the world were actually mocked by a group of ants! !
He snorted heavily and walked in with a cold face.
Soon, someone walked over to him and said in a mocking tone: “Oh, Johnson, why are you here tonight? I thought you had already returned to your beautiful country?”
Immediately everyone around them began to laugh, making no secret of their mockery of Johnson.
Johnson said coldly: “I’m so honest, why go back to the beautiful country, I came to China this time, but I want to fight for the championship!”
“Championship? Johnson, are you kidding me? But we heard that you can’t even beat a Chinese. At your level, are you eligible for the championship?”
The one who said this was a 4s-level master in country Y, who mocked Johnson without any concealment.
Johnson’s face changed at the moment. He is a face-saving person, and a mere 4s-level expert in front of him dared to taunt him, simply presumptuous!
“Presumptuous!” Johnson immediately mentioned imposingly and wanted to shoot directly at his opponent.
Seeing that he was about to hit the opponent with a punch, immediately, a voice came out, with ridicule and ridicule, “Johnson, you have been defeated by the Chinese, and now you are angry into anger, come to bully the younger generation?”
Hearing this voice, Johnson’s face changed slightly, and he immediately stopped.
When he looked over, he immediately saw a slender, handsome middle-aged man in a suit came out, holding a goblet in his hand, shaking slowly, and his skin Particularly pale and bloody, it looked like a vampire in a movie. .
And he is also a top 5s superpower in country Y!
When Johnson saw this man, his pupils flickered a little, and he immediately became a little jealous, and he didn’t dare to attack the supernatural person in country y easily.
“William Dayton, are you also competing for this championship?!” Johnson said in a deep voice.
The man from Country Y called William Dayton walked up to Johnson, observed it, and said with some surprise: “Johnson, your blood is stronger than before. Are you swallowing the latest product of your beautiful country? ”
When everyone else heard this, they couldn’t help showing surprise and envy.
The corners of Johnson’s mouth lifted up, a smile was outlined, and he proudly said: “Yes! Now my strength has increased by 20%, William Dayton, you are not my opponent!”

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