A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1574

An increase of 20% is too overbearing.
William Dunn frowned slightly. If Johnson really improved by 20%, then he really might not be able to beat Johnson.
You know, he had slightly overpowered Johnson before.
In the ranking of international masters, he is one higher than Johnson.
Now that Johnson has increased by 20%, is it equal to surpassing him?
For a time, his mood became lost.
At this moment, another voice came from the crowd: “What if it has been improved by 20%, it hasn’t been crushed by a Chinese. Johnson, you really lose the face of your beautiful country.” , Tusk.”
As the voice said, immediately, a figure walked out, seeing that the figure was not tall, but the aura was very big, and he knew that he was not an ordinary person at first glance.
When other people heard this sentence, they also laughed, thinking that Johnson was indeed embarrassed and could not even beat a Chinese.
You know, over the years, the Chinese people have been weak and weak, and apart from their military god, there are no masters who can handle them.
As for the military gods, because they have an appointment with the masters of the gods of various countries, they are not allowed to shoot at will, for them, it is almost threatening.
So they have enough capital to despise China.
In time, the country of China will not be green and yellow, and when the military gods are old, the country of China will really decline.
It is not impossible to withdraw directly from the major power industry.
“Nakae Junichiro, are you here too?!” Johnson stared at this man and said in a deep voice, his tone full of fear.
This Kay Nakakage Junichiro, but a well-known master in the Sun Country, even in the international community, is famous.
Especially Zhongjing Junichiro, who is ranked three places higher than him in the ranking of international masters!
Although he has never played with Zhongjing Junichiro, he knows that he is not likely to be Zhongjing Junichiro’s opponent.
Zhongjing Junichiro revealed a salesman. He didn’t know what method he used. He obviously had his hand and didn’t touch the apple next to him, but the apple flew towards him and was taken by him.
It looks like an ability.
But Johnson knew that this was not a power, but that Junichiro Junichiro’s hidden weapon skills were very powerful. Using a transparent silk thread, he pierced an apple a few meters away in the air and pulled it over.
And all these movements are so fast that most people can’t see it.
Ordinary people seem to think that Junichiro Zhongjing has a special function.
“The prizes for this Kung Fu Cup champion are very rich. I, Junichiro Zhongjing, naturally want to participate.” Junichiro Zhongjing said with a smile.
Then, from several other corners, a few people came out, all of them were 5s-level abilities, and all of them were on the international master list.
When Johnson saw this scene, he frowned deeply. He felt that this Kung Fu Cup is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It is still very difficult for him to win the championship among so many strong players!
However, he soon thought of one.
The number one master of their beautiful country, if there is Luomen to join, then the chance of their beautiful country winning the championship is still very high.
Facing the ridicule of these powerful men, Johnson snorted heavily and said with a sneer: “You don’t have to ridicule me. If you meet that Chinese, you are afraid that you will not even be able to escape!”

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