A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1575

As Johnson said this, the audience was quiet for a while, everyone looked at Johnson with weird and mocking eyes.
“Hahaha, Johnson, I think you were being beaten by that Chinese man. You actually started to brag about the arrival of Chinese people. I didn’t expect that, as a master of the beautiful country, Johnson was beaten by a Chinese man. Convinced, haha, you really have a face for your beautiful country!”
Suddenly someone began to mock Johnson, and what he said was not at all polite.
“Johnson, Johnson, you are also a 5s-level ability person anyway, and you are actually scared of being beaten by a small Chinese. Tsk tsk, you are really the shame of our 5s-level ability person! Not only to you beautiful country Shame, and shame us.” Junjing Junichiro also unceremoniously ridiculed. They didn’t believe Johnson at all, thinking that Johnson was just making excuses for his failure, or they were being scared by the Chinese. Up.
However, no matter what, they got a message that the strength of the Chinese must be very good, otherwise Johnson would not be defeated, let alone say such ambitious words.
As Johnson’s subordinates, they also feel embarrassed. They obviously did not expect that their leader would be in the public, so respecting a Chinese is really embarrassing, so they are invisible, They both stepped back a few steps, lowered their heads, and kept a distance from Johnson.
The reactions of these men were seen by others, making Johnson even more ridiculed.
Johnson also discovered this. The corners of his mouth twitched twice and he didn’t say anything. Instead, he sneered in his heart. He wanted to brag about the Chinese people on purpose and let these people try the Chinese people’s power. , You know the taste!
Johnson did not attend this banquet, and it took him a long time to leave.
Anyway, his goal has been achieved, and when the time comes, this group of people will fight against that young Chinese, and they will know how powerful they are.
Moreover, he did this with another very important purpose, which is to let them kill each other. Then, he and Solomon can reap the benefits of the fisherman. Isn’t it wonderful?
In a few days, the Kung Fu Cup will officially begin, and then it will be time for him to start performing.
In these limited days, he has to adjust his state to meet new challenges, not fail a game, and win the championship with a record of the whole game!
After he left, the remaining 5s-level masters also silently remembered the name Lin Ziming, and when they really met, they must deal with it carefully.
Speaking of Lin Ziming’s side, during this period of time, he was practicing with great concentration in a semi-reclusive manner, and he worked hard to re-enter the state of enlightenment, but unfortunately it was already very difficult.
However, he was not harvested. During this time, he adjusted his state to the best.
On the day before the official opening of the Kung Fu Cup, China held an opening ceremony.
The scene was very grand, almost all the fighters who came to the competition came to participate.
A group of 5s-level abilities, including Johnson, were all present. In addition, there were thousands of warriors, whose aura enveloped the entire stadium, which was terrifying.
Ordinary people can’t bear it at all in this place, and it won’t take long for the heart to bear it, and the seven orifices will bleed and die.
After all, the coercion brought by so many warriors is too great, not to mention, there are such masters in the innate realm.
So this is why, such a Kung Fu Cup is not open to the general public.
This is the protection of ordinary people.
As the organizer of the Chinese side, General Qin took the stage to give a speech, and his exuberant speech was particularly high-level. It not only embodies the warmth and hospitality of China, and its national strength, but also the importance of this Kung Fu Cup. Music is particularly passionate and high.
Can stir up everyone’s passion!
This time the Kung Fu Cup, there are indeed a lot of people who come to participate, more than a thousand people, the worst of them are the peaks of the day after tomorrow.

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