A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1576

It can be described as an absolutely grand game.
And this power, no matter where it goes, is a force that cannot be underestimated. When it is really destroyed, the power it brings is no worse than a nuclear bomb!
Therefore, generally speaking, if you have absolute national strength and confidence, you are absolutely afraid to let the Kung Fu Cup be held on your own international territory, because the risks that this brings are too great!
If these warriors rioted, they could completely turn a city into purgatory in a very short period of time.
The reason why Hua Guo dares to do this is that besides its strong national strength, there is another very important reason. They have a god of war, and just a god of war can frighten more than a thousand warriors!
Moreover, Hua Guo is actually not only a master of the God of War, but also a Saint King Luo Tian who is more powerful than the God of War!
Although the King Luo Tiansheng is not an official person of the Chinese state, anyway, the King Luo Tiansheng is a Chinese national. At that time, special circumstances will really happen. I believe that the King Luo Tiansheng will not stand by, so this is the greatest confidence of the Chinese nation. .
Of course, there are no people who dare to coax things on a large scale in this situation, which is purely seeking death.
At most, they only dare to dominate in private.
After all, they are not stupid pigs, and no one wants to die.
There are so many people participating in this Kung Fu Cup. In addition to the glory, there is a big reason, because the rewards are very rich. I heard that it is only a bonus, which has reached 500 million US dollars! !
Of course, for the masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen, 500 million U.S. dollars is not too much.
What attracts them even more is that the champion can get the guidance of three masters in the realm of the gods. These three masters in the realm of gods are the god of Hua**, the Adam of the beautiful country, and the queen of the eagle dog country.
In addition, the champion can also get the opportunity to go to the secret realm!
This is the most craziest thing, the secret realm. I heard that it is a magical place. This is a shortcut for the Dzogchen masters of the innate realm to break through to the realm of Tongshen!
It is understood that the three masters of the God-passing realm were all Kung Fu Cup champions that year. They went to the secret realm. After they came out, it took a long time for them to break through to the masters of the God-passing realm.
Master of the God Realm, this is the pinnacle of existence in this world, more beautiful than the president!
Almost all people who come to participate in the Kung Fu Cup hope that they are champions. This is an opportunity to climb the sky in one step.
To be honest, after Lin Ziming learned about it, his heartbeat at that time also accelerated a lot, and his heart beat up.
If he reaches the realm of Tongshen, then he will be even stronger.
No longer need to be constrained by King Luo Tiansheng.
After General Qin gave the opening white, the next time was the time for free exchanges.
This time, as the host of Hua Guo, many people naturally want to come over and communicate.
Not long after, a group of people came over and said in a provocative tone: “I heard that your Hua Guo has produced a very powerful master. I have a lot of appetite to compete for the championship of the Kung Fu Cup. I don’t know where this master is? Is he hiding and dare not come out?”
When this person opened his mouth, he was full of gunpowder.

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