A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1579

In a very hot coffee shop with very good business, there is a man who looks ugly and wears ordinary clothes, sitting in a corner, closing his eyes and resting.
He was obviously sitting there, but he didn’t have any influence. Even with so many customers in the coffee shop, no one noticed him, as if he was just a statue, without any sense of existence.
He is not someone, but Lin Ziming.
And he is not here purely for coffee, but he is in retreat.
If you are seen by others, you will definitely be shocked. You must know that most people choose to retreat in a very quiet place and will not be disturbed at all.
Because retreat means that I have to be very concentrated and my mind is running at a high speed!
Moreover, when retreating, it is often when one’s strength is weakest. You must find an absolutely safe and quiet place before you can relax in retreat.
But Lin Ziming actually chose to retreat in such a noisy and full of disturbances in a cafe. This is simply unheard of!
Because the business in the coffee shop is very good, there are two other girls walking over with two cups in their hands, and politely asked, “Can we sit here, please?”
Lin Ziming did not speak, but closed his eyes, but nodded gently.
His reaction seems very cold, making these two girls very curious, you know, they are first-class beauties, their looks are very high, and they are all at the level of goddess in the circle. exist.
Even if passers-by saw them, they couldn’t take their eyes away, and there was the kind that bold people would talk to them.
But the man in front of him didn’t even look at them.
But they didn’t think too much, so they sat down for coffee and enjoyed their vacation.
Lin Ziming entered a more mysterious state at this time, and 95% of his energy was immersed in retreat. Only leave 5% of the energy left in reality. And he is slowly trying to put more energy on retreat.
Retreat in a quiet and safe place is no longer useful for him, so he chose to retreat in the city, using pressure to stimulate himself.
His method is no more dangerous than his retreat on the edge of the cliff!
Because, once he meets a master above the third stage of the Innate Realm, then he will be more fortunate!
And once he encounters the Dzogchen of the Innate Realm, then he has to die directly.
If he changed the usual times, even if he was on the street, it would be difficult for him to meet the masters of the innate realm, because the proportion of the masters of the innate realm was pitiful.
But now it’s different. Because of the Kung Fu Cup, many innate masters from abroad have come in. If you are really unlucky, it is entirely possible to encounter masters of innate realm.
It is precisely because of this that his retreat can have an effect and make the fastest progress.
In fact, it is not the first day that Lin Ziming has been retreating in this coffee shop. He has been here for several days. Every time he came early, ordered a cup of coffee, and sat in that corner with his eyes closed.
There was nothing in the beginning, but after a long time, someone would notice him naturally.
“This man is so weird. He comes here early every day, orders a cup of coffee, sits there and waits, doesn’t eat or drink or go to the bathroom, something is wrong, right?”

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