A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1580

“I don’t know, there are always strange people in this world.”
“Is it pretending to be cold, in order to catch beautiful women?”
“Cut, how is this possible? In this society, men are not rich and handsome, so how can they attract beautiful women? You think you are reading novels.”
“That’s true……”
Although Lin Ziming was meditating, he could still hear the voices of these people around him. It was a very strange feeling in his ears. As if he himself was installed in the mecha, the voices of these people sounded a bit unreal.
Those two beauties also heard the discussion of these people. They looked at Lin Ziming with a little surprise, and they didn’t expect that this ordinary looking man would stay here for several days, giving people a very mysterious look. , Could not help but aroused their curiosity.
They glanced at each other, and then a beautiful woman asked in common sense: “Hey, do you have a tissue?”
Lin Ziming shook his head, but still didn’t open his eyes, indicating that he didn’t.
His appearance aroused the interest of the two beauties even more, especially Lin Ziming’s body, there was an indescribable temperament, very mysterious and very attractive. Although his looks are ordinary at first glance, but a closer look reveals that Lin Ziming’s edges and corners are very distinct, and he has that kind of determined looks. And Lin Ziming’s skin is very good, there is no blemish on his face, his skin is even better than them.
This seems a bit abnormal.
They looked at each other again, as a woman’s intuition, they felt that the man in front of him was not simple, there must be some story.
So another beauty said again: “Why are you so sleepy with your eyes closed all the time?”
Lin Ziming didn’t answer, because he knew that these two women were talking to him, and now he is gradually focusing his energy on retreat.
If he concentrates 100% of his energy in the retreat, then his five senses will be shut off, and he can’t hear or smell the outside world.
When he gets to the body, he will completely enter a state of meditation, and the hormones in the body will be secreted in large quantities to forge his body and spirit.
So when he reached his state, ordinary physical exercises no longer worked for him, such as boxing and long-distance running, all of which were not useful. Only through spiritual meditation and entering a mysterious state, allowing the body and brain to continuously secrete hormones, can you exercise your body.
So as to increase strength.
Of course, it was a very risky and risky thing for him to do this, and he was undoubtedly dancing in the blade.
Facing Lin Ziming’s indifference, these two beauties were a little angry. They had never been ignored by a man in this way.
Want to catch it?
They all thought of this idiom, indeed, they had encountered a lot of this before, and in order to attract their attention, they deliberately wanted to catch it.
This kind of routine is already very old, they are a bit disdainful, thinking that Lin Ziming is also such a person.
So after taking advantage of the people next to them, they walked over immediately, deliberately not sitting with Lin Ziming. All men who want to get caught up in this situation must be extremely regretful and crazy when they encounter this situation.
They believed that Lin Ziming would definitely react like this, and then couldn’t pretend, and then came over and asked them to strike up a conversation with them and be their licking dog.
However, Lin Ziming’s next reaction disappointed them all…

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