A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1581

Lin Ziming hadn’t moved. He still sat there with his eyes closed and rested. He looked like he was asleep, and he didn’t even want to talk to them in the past!
Ten minutes passed…
Half an hour passed…
One hour passed…
It’s still the same.
Now, it was their turn to sit still a bit.
Could it be that this guy is really interested in them?
Makes sense.
In fact, they and Lin Ziming are totally unfamiliar, and it is true that Lin Ziming is not interested in them. It can’t be said that if they are beautiful, men must pursue them. This is too ridiculous.
However, because of their pride in themselves and Lin Ziming’s unique temperament, their mood became unstable, and they were attracted by Lin Ziming unconsciously.
And even they themselves have not found out.
Regardless of Lin Ziming’s ordinary appearance, but the temperament in him is not comparable to that of ordinary men. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a magnet for most women, always attracting women’s attention and interest. .
Otherwise, there won’t be so many top beauties who will fall in love with him.
“This guy is a bit hateful!”
“Could he really be interested in us?”
The two beauties began to discuss, and slowly, their mentality began to become unstable.
This kind of reaction felt strange to them, but if they couldn’t see Lin Ziming’s admiration for them, they would really be unwilling.
After a while, the friends of these two beauties came, two handsome young men with extraordinary clothes. At first glance, they knew that they were the children of the rich family and were pursuing these two beauties.
When they saw the two beauties, they immediately lit up, walked over to say hello, and sat down.
“Hi, An Qi, Mengxue, I’m sorry, I have kept you waiting for a long time.”
The two young men sat down, staring at An Qi and Mengxue closely, making no secret of their love and affection.
Originally, An Qi and Mengxue also had a good impression of these two young people. After all, they were handsome, rich in family, and they usually talked quite humorously.
But don’t know why, after they saw Lin Ziming, they suddenly felt that these two young people were not so attractive.
Even the humor of these two young people turned into immature performance in front of Lin Ziming’s calmness.
So when they faced the arrival of the two young people, they didn’t seem very excited. On the contrary, they were quite plain, so they nodded and said hello.
Moreover, their gazes were still mainly on Lin Ziming’s body, and they became more and more curious about what Lin Ziming did and why he had been sitting there for so long without having to move, like a statue.
The most special thing is that it is the temperament of Lin Ziming, which is so different, it looks very charming, and unknowingly, it attracted their eyes.
Finally, the strangeness of the two of them caught the attention of the two young people. They also looked at Lin Ziming and saw a man who looked quite ordinary. They frowned slightly, and one of the young people asked. : “An Qi, Mengxue, do you know this man?”

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