A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1583

This sudden change shocked everyone present.
No one had imagined that the young man would just shoot Lin Ziming and he would bounce upside down, as if he had been hit by a car. This scene was too horrible and unbelievable.
Especially Na An Qi and Meng Xue, their eyes widened, completely dumbfounded.
The crowd in the coffee shop was also attracted by this huge movement, and thought it was a fight.
“you you you……”
Another young man wanted to teach Lin Ziming too, but when he saw this scene, he was instantly stupid.
At exactly this time, Lin Ziming opened his eyes and frowned slightly.
He finally entered a state of meditation, but it turned out that someone with a short eye came over to make trouble for him. It was really unlucky.
“What’s the matter?” His eyes were on An Qi and Mengxue.
Upon seeing his eyes, An Qi and Mengxue immediately stammered nervously, “No, no…”
The other young man didn’t dare to look at his eyes, very frightened.
Because the look in Lin Ziming’s eyes just now was so terrifying, they simply couldn’t bear it.
Lin Ziming glanced at the young man who was shocked by his inner strength, shook his head, and said, “You can take him to the hospital. He should have a fracture.”
They looked at Lin Ziming’s eyes, and they saw the young man moaning in pain, his expression was painful, and tears flowed out.
He didn’t even think of killing him. He just patted Lin Ziming, and he was ejected. It felt like he was hit by a car. It was too painful.
Lin Ziming stood up and was about to leave. Suddenly, he felt something. Looking in the other direction, he immediately saw two tall and magnificent foreigners walking towards him with a very arrogant and arrogant expression. It seems that the whole street is theirs, walking sideways.
When Lin Ziming looked over, they also met Lin Ziming’s eyes. These two foreigners were two masters of innate realm.
Seeing Lin Ziming’s eyes, she couldn’t help but shudder, realizing that Lin Ziming was even more powerful than them, and quickly put away the principal and arrogance just now, bowed her head, bent over, and walked carefully. A lot.
This scene made other people in the coffee shop watch it, and felt that Lin Ziming was very mysterious.
Lin Ziming had to leave the coffee shop, but he didn’t have to find another place to retreat. It was Kung Fu Cup soon, and he had to go back to Xuanyuan three places to take his life.
Moreover, after this period of retreat, his cultivation has improved a bit, both physically and spiritually.
After changing his clothes, Lin Ziming quickly returned to the third place of Xuanyuan.
As soon as he arrived, he immediately felt something was wrong with the atmosphere.
“This group of foreigners is so arrogant! On our Chinese territory, they dare to be so arrogant! I am really angry!”
“Especially Nakakae Junichiro, it is really hateful, I really want to slap him to death!”
“It’s hateful that so many agents of our country died in his hands!”
“Oh, it’s a pity that Instructor Lin was not there yesterday. Otherwise, where’s Zhongjing Junichiro’s turn to be presumptuous! Instructor Lin can shoot him to the ground with a slap.”
“Yes, I still have to rely on Instructor Lin. Fortunately, Instructor Lin is from the third place of Xuanyuan, otherwise we don’t know how much more anger we have to suffer!”
“Look, instructor Lin is back, great!”
As soon as Lin Ziming came in, he heard a lot of voices discussing him. Now someone found him and screamed excitedly. For a while, everyone in the hall surrounded him.

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