A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1585

“Are you Lin Ziming?”
Lin Ziming was on the viewing platform, looking at the huge gymnasium in front of him. The crowd was full of voices and fighting everywhere. Suddenly, a voice sounded from his side.
He looked over and immediately saw a man in a kimono with a long sword in his hand, looking at him with a provocative look.
The people next to Lin Ziming, seeing this man, immediately clenched their fists, showing hostility and anger.
Even Peng Zhuo on the side gritted his teeth and said: “Zhongjing Junichiro!”
Lin Ziming immediately realized that the man in front of him was Zhongjing Junichiro. He was really arrogant and arrogant, and his strength was quite extraordinary.
“It’s me.” Lin Ziming nodded lightly.
Nakake Junichiro was followed by more than a dozen masters of the Sun Kingdom, all of them in the innate realm, and all of them were good at strength. They walked with their heads high and looked extremely arrogant, as if they were the masters of this land. , Like that, don’t mention how owed it is.
“I heard that you defeated Johnson? I don’t think so.” He said disdainfully, deliberately annoying Lin Ziming.
The corners of his mouth raised, with a posture of looking down at Lin Ziming, particularly arrogant.
Lin Ziming also laughed. Although this Xingzhongjing Junichiro is a master of the innate realm of Dzogchen, he is stronger than the foreign leader Johnson, but for Lin Ziming, he is also an ant, not an opponent at all.
“I heard that you have an abnormal relationship with your mother-in-law?” Lin Ziming said with a smile, “You are very much from the Sun Country.”
When Lin Ziming said this, many people present suddenly laughed out loud.
This is not Lin Ziming splashing dirty water, but Zhongjing Junichiro. There is indeed such a dark history. When Zhongjing Junichiro was in the second stage of the Innate Realm, because of problems in his practice, he lost his reason and tarnished his mother-in-law. It was passed out at that time, and it became a big joke, and it also became the dark history of Junichiro Zhongjing.
Only after Zhongjing Junichiro successfully broke through to the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, no one dared to make this joke in front of Zhongjing Junichiro.
Because they knew that this was something that Zhongjing Junichiro could not tolerate, who would dare to say that, his life would be taken by Zhongjing Junichiro!
“Hahaha, I’m so ridiculous, Zhongjing Junichiro, who actually gave his mother-in-law to that, is really a talent, he is really a country of the sun.”
“Isn’t it? I guess Junichiro Junichiro usually doesn’t watch this kind of movies.”
“What does it mean to watch it, Junkie Junichiro is the protagonist? I heard that the movie at the time went viral in Sun Country.”
Everyone on the Hua Guo side began to laugh, pointing at Zhongjing Junichiro and laughing.
They were humiliated by Zhongjing Junichiro yesterday, and it was difficult to vent their anger. Now that Lin Ziming is a big demon king, they don’t need to be afraid of Zhongjing Junichiro.
And this counterattack is so beautiful, relieve your breath!
At that time, it was uncomfortable for Zhongjing Junichiro. Right now Zhongjing Junichiro’s face was green, and his body was shaking uncontrollably with anger.

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