A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1586

This is his absolute black history. Whoever dared to mention it would kill the opponent. After he broke through to the innate realm and became the number one powerhouse in the Sun Nation, no one dared to mention it. .
But now, Lin Ziming actually slapped him in the face when he talked about it in front of so many people!
No, it’s not as simple as slapping him in the face. Right now, he was angry and cursed loudly: “Baga! Chinese, you are looking for death!!!”
Zhongjing Junichiro was so angry that he shot Lin Ziming directly, and the shot was a vicious move. He wanted a fatal move and directly killed Lin Ziming.
His speed reached an incredible level. With so many people present, except for Lin Ziming, they could not see his trajectory. They only felt that it was a flower in front of him. Zhongjing Junichiro arrived in front of Lin Ziming, and then A punch, a bang, as if a cannonball exploded in the air.
The clothes on Lin Ziming’s chest were blown up and dancing. If Lin Ziming was hit by this punch, the damage would be no less than that of being hit by a high-speed car.
But for Lin Ziming, how could Zhongjing Junichiro hit him?
The corners of Lin Ziming’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a disdainful smile, and he didn’t even see him making too much movement, just walking in the garden, so he avoided the punch of Junichiro Zhongjing.
Zhongjing Junichiro was surprised that Lin Ziming was able to avoid his punch. After all, he also knew that Lin Ziming was a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen and had defeated Johnson. He must have two brushes.
In fact, the punch just now was just a cover for him, and the next one was his real killer move.
I saw Junichiro Nakagami missed a punch, and he didn’t stop at the slightest. Instead, he punched faster, like a flood, completely uninterrupted, and the momentum was extremely turbulent, like a bullet from a machine gun.
Even if Lin Ziming had three heads and six arms, he could not handle such a high-intensity attack.
But in fact, Lin Ziming didn’t even think about hiding. He was just observing Zhongjing Junichiro’s effort. If not, he could defeat Zhongjing Junichiro within three moves.
I have to admit that this arrogant Junichiro still has arrogant capital, and his strength is already higher than that of Johnson, especially his study of martial arts, and his moves are very sophisticated.
If it were for Lin Ziming when he first stepped into the congenital realm of Great Perfection, he would not be Zhongjing Junichiro’s opponent at all.
But now, Zhongjing Junichiro is just an ant.
It’s just a few seconds from Lin Ziming’s mouth shot from Zhongjing Junichiro to Zhongjing Junichiro’s anger and anger, and in these few seconds, they have already played against each other several times. Ten strokes.
The destruction caused was terrifying, and all the people next to him drew aside, for fear that it would not harm the pond fish.
Because of their fight, such a big movement coaxed, and many people in the stadium looked over.
Even some players who were playing off the court were attracted to them.
Fighting between masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen is still rare, and the damage it brings is even more terrifying.
Junichiro Zhongjing became more and more frightened. Originally, he didn’t have too much of Lin Ziming’s eyes on him, but now Lin Ziming’s performance has exceeded his expectations. He had used 90% of his strength, dozens of tricks passed, and he hadn’t even won Lin Ziming.
At this moment, Lin Ziming said, “You dare to trouble me even at this level?”
When the voice fell, Junichiro Zhongjing suddenly felt a great danger, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot!

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