A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1587

“not good!”
Zhongjing Junichiro yelled in his heart, and in an instant, he developed a feeling of fear, because he realized that Lin Ziming had been using all his strength just now.
What was revealed at this moment was Lin Ziming’s true power, and this power had completely surpassed him.
He shouted loudly, trying to block Lin Ziming’s punch, but he still underestimated Lin Ziming too much. Even if he had used his full strength, he still could not stop it, and was directly broken by Lin Ziming’s punch. Defensively, through his arms, hitting his chest, only heard a loud’bang’, Zhongjing Junichiro’s horse step was broken up, and the whole person flew out in the air.
The blood in his body surged, and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.
Although this punch did not kill Zhongjing Junichiro, it also caused him serious injuries!
The most important thing is that this punch was without warning. In the first second, Lin Ziming was still in a disadvantage. As a result, Zhongjing Junichiro was defeated, and it was still so clean.
As a result, so many people present did not react to it, and they froze in place.
Only the people from the Chinese side had unsurprised expressions. They had absolute confidence in Lin Ziming and believed that Lin Ziming would definitely be able to defeat Zhongjing Junichiro. It was only a matter of time.
“Nakae Junichiro was actually defeated? And it was still so complete, how could this be possible?”
“Who is this Chinese? I have never seen it before, and there is no such person in the rankings of international experts.”
“Mr. Zhongjing, he actually lost, it’s incredible…”
Even the masters of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm not far away were extremely surprised when they saw this scene. They knew the strength of Junichiro Zhongjing, and just now they had the idea of ​​watching Rehan and wanted to see Zhongjing. How Junichiro teased Lin Ziming.
But in a short time, Junichiro Zhongjing was defeated.
In an instant, the look they looked at Lin Ziming’s eyes changed differently, and their brows were immediately condensed, incomparably jealous!
But after Lin Ziming defeated Junichiro Zhongjing with a punch, he didn’t take advantage of the victory to pursue him. Instead, he stopped and looked at Junichiro Junichiro with surprise and fear on his face, and smiled, “Are you ready, are you? , I am about to fight back.”
Hearing his words, Nakaké Junichiro’s pupils suddenly shrank, and his heartbeat speeded up again a lot, full of fear and pressure.
Without thinking about it, he began to draw his sword!
Because he realized that if he relied on his fists and kicks, he would not be able to beat Lin Ziming. Only with a sword can he defeat Lin Ziming.
Even killing Lin Ziming.
As for the martial arts spirit, go to hell, as long as he can kill this Chinese, why not mean he is a little bit mean?
His speed was very fast. After Lin Ziming’s voice fell, he started thinking, he put his hand directly on the hilt of the sword and began to draw the sword.
As long as he successfully draws his sword, with his sword skills, he can guarantee that the Chinese man in front of him is definitely not his opponent!
You know, he is most famous for swordsmanship, otherwise, he would not be the number one master of the Sun Country.
His swordsmanship is far more powerful than his fist skills!

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