A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1589

Not only Zhongjing Junichiro who had the same idea, but also many people present.
When he looked at Lin Ziming again, his eyes were completely different.
Where is the slight contempt just now?
Now they are extremely jealous, even fearful.
Lin Ziming’s strength is far beyond their cognition!
In the realm of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, there are no people who have seen such a horror, even a master like Junichiro Zhongjing, can’t even pull out the sword, so he is subdued.
It’s completely a crushing posture.
Even if they were from the Chinese side, even if they knew that Lin Ziming was awesome, they didn’t expect that Lin Ziming was so awesome!
You know, Zhongjing Junichiro is not a stinky fish or shrimp, but a well-known and strong on the international master list, and the ranking is still relatively high.
Over the years, I don’t know how many Chinese agents died in the hands of Zhongjing Junichiro. They are helpless. Even now Zhongjing Junichiro wants to come to China to participate in the Kung Fu Cup, they have no way.
Until now, Lin Ziming personally shot, with such a relaxed posture, defeated Zhongjing Junichiro, and still seized Zhongjing Junichiro’s sword.
This is simply a big face for the country of China, and it also slapped the country of the sun heavily!
So at this moment, many people from the Chinese side were so excited, they even couldn’t help shouting: “Good! Good! Good!”
“Instructor Lin has done a good job! Too much relief, I relieved my breath, hahaha!”
“Instructor Lin is great! Instructor Lin is my idol from now on!”
“We have such talents as forest instructors in China, which is the blessing of China!”
“Hahaha, this Xie Zhongjing Junichiro, a little trick, wasn’t it very arrogant just now, now you are arrogant and show it to the uncle. In the hands of Instructor Lin, you can’t even count as a fart, instructor Lin Xianting I took your saber away and took your saber away!”
“Happy, it’s so happy!”
There were waves of noise from the Chinese side, and they were all extremely excited. Even people like Sun Liang, Zhao Xia and others still had moist eyes. Excited and clenched his fists, extremely happy.
In their eyes looking at Lin Ziming, they were no longer admired and admired, but moved.
It is not that they are hypocritical, but that China has been wronged too much in the international arena over the years. They themselves have the ability to avenge their former colleagues and have been aggrieved.
The appearance of Lin Ziming, and the domineering just now, really gave them a lot of ambition. They didn’t know how long they had been so happy.
Lin Ziming felt their emotions and smiled. At this moment, he was also lofty and passionate, and laughed three times, with an imposing manner like a rainbow, running through the sky, “Hahaha! Zhongjing Junichiro, this is you as the Sun Country The strength of the No. 1 master? I think your Sun Nation is nothing more than that!”
“You!!” Zhongjing Junichiro was anxious and spouted blood again.
Scared his subordinates, hurry up and help him up.
At this time, Lin Ziming directly threw the saber in his hand without turning its head back, and put it heavily on the national flag of the Sun Country behind him, and said coldly: “Nakage Junichiro, I will keep your saber for you. Now, when will your Sun Nation come out of a strong man who can defeat me, come to take the sword again!”

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