A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1592

Even if the death rate is very high in each Kung Fu Cup, this is the charm of the Kung Fu Cup, isn’t it?
So it quickly returned to normal. Lin Ziming sat in his seat. He was one of the organizers of the Kung Fu Cup this time, and he was almost the security manager of the Kung Fu Cup.
Some masters of the Innate Realm with strong observation ability saw him sitting in that position and couldn’t help discussing it.
“This Chinese man is so terrifying in strength. Even a master like Junichiro Zhongjing can’t draw a sword in his hand! If he also participates, the champion of this Kung Fu Cup is likely to be robbed by him. what.”
“This is not necessarily the case. The Kung Fu Cup competition system is different from traditional competitions. In the quarterfinals, it is not one-on-one, but group battles. At that time, China will only have him alone, so the other seven will definitely join forces first. He killed him. Do you think this Chinese man can beat seven with one, no matter how powerful it is?”
“That’s right, these are seven 5s-level supernaturalists, even a single person can kill him with one punch.”
“Moreover, you have never noticed that this Chinese man is sitting in that position, as if he is the head of the security of the Chinese nation, and it is possible that he won’t be playing.”
“There is such a thing? No, unless Hua Guo is crazy, otherwise, how can he not let this Chinese ginseng match? This is China’s only hope, right?”
“Hey, you don’t want to think about it. The former lion in China has long been too weak. For so many years, there are no great masters. Biotechnology is even more comparable to that of the beautiful countries. Naturally, it is impossible to cultivate too many strong players. And because of the Kung Fu Cup competition system, if this Chinese national goes up by himself, it is a dead word. Do you think the Chinese National Assembly is so stupid, let him participate?”
“It makes a lot of sense. According to this, China still has no hope for this championship, hahaha.”
“I think Shiyou ** is like this…”
Similar voices have appeared in many places. Based on their understanding of China, China has been too weak over the years. It is difficult to find a person as strong as Lin Ziming. Because of the Kung Fu Cup competition system, Lin Ziming will not be allowed. Participated.
Unless Hua Guo wants Lin Ziming to die.
Therefore, Lin Ziming’s threat to them is not great.
Of course, this is just their analysis. It is still unknown what the Chinese Congress will do.
The Kung Fu Cup on the first day passed quickly, because there were a lot of participants, and the Kung Fu Cup only lasts for two months, so there are a lot of matches to be played every day.
This year’s Kung Fu Cup, because it was held in China, there are not many warriors in China. There are nearly 400 people, accounting for a quarter of the total number.
However, on the first day, the record was not satisfactory. Most of the Chinese fighters were defeated. On average, ten Chinese contestants would lose eight games, which was very tragic!
More than half of the participating Chinese martial artists died in the arena.
General Qin, who saw this scene, sighed for a long time, full of sadness and helplessness, and said sincerely: “Our Chinese martial artist is still weaker!”
The others also lowered their heads, very lost…

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