A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1593

Lin Ziming saw this scene, and he felt uncomfortable in his heart.
Indeed, China still has a long way to go if it wants to rise, and it is not like everyone has his perverted and good opportunities.
In terms of average level now, China is really inferior to those big countries in the world, both in terms of technology and the level of warriors.
Even if he could defeat Zhongjing Junichiro with an invincible posture just now to frighten everyone, but he could not improve the strength of his compatriots.
Zhao Xia gritted his teeth and cursed: “This group of foreigners is too arrogant! They shot so hard one by one, and they didn’t even give a chance to surrender. If I was over 40 and lost the qualification, I will end now. , Kill these gangsters!”
Not only him, but many people have the same idea, and all of them are filled with indignation.
Li Dao slapped the table heavily. With great strength, he cut the table made of solid wood to pieces, “This bunch of shreds! Too much bullying! This is the warrior of our country, and it is a precious wealth of our country. I really want to kill them!”
Hearing these voices, Lin Ziming remained silent. At this time, Xiao Cangmang said to Lin Ziming: “Instructor Lin, as far as I know, you should be eligible for the competition, don’t you plan to participate in this Kung Fu Cup?”
At this moment, everyone looked at Lin Ziming.
Yes, they didn’t even think that Lin Ziming is eligible to participate, and Lin Ziming is still forty years old!
Because Lin Ziming was too invincible, he had never failed, and it existed in their minds like Dinghai Shenzhen, causing them to forget for a while that Lin Ziming was eligible to participate.
Their eyes brightened. If Lin Ziming left the court to participate, with Lin Ziming’s strength, wouldn’t it be possible for this group of foreigners to turn their backs on their backs?
Lin Ziming spoke under the gaze of many people, “I will wait for the notification from the superior.”
Hearing his words, everyone realized that Lin Ziming is no ordinary person. If he leaves the game, he will still be in the quarterfinals by that time, he will still be a huge threat.
For a while, everyone stopped talking.
But at this moment, suddenly there was an angry roar off the court, “Hey! You are looking for death! My brother has clearly surrendered, why you want to kill him, you better tell Lao Tzu!!”
This voice was very loud, and even in such a noisy situation, it still reached Lin Ziming’s side, and Lin Ziming was the first to look at it.
Immediately saw a frowning scene.
I saw a group of people rushed up on a ring, surrounded a tall black man, filled with righteous indignation, and on the ring, lying a dead, but eyes widened, full of unwilling and incomprehensible Hua Chinese.
As soon as he saw this situation, Lin Ziming immediately realized that the Chinese had lost and had clearly surrendered, but the blacks on the other side still didn’t let him go and beat him to death alive.
To tell the truth, Lin Ziming couldn’t help but burst into anger.
You know, this Kung Fu Cup is clearly stipulated, as long as it surrenders, the opponent can’t make another shot, otherwise it will be a foul!
But this black man, knowing this rule, still killed the opponent, so he just didn’t put the rules in his eyes, and he didn’t dare to put Hua Guo in his eyes.
He had just stood up like this, but he still dared to ignore China in this way. This is not something he can tolerate.

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