A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1594

He snorted heavily at the moment, and walked over directly.
At this moment, other people also realized this, and anger appeared on their faces as well, and they walked over quickly.
At the same time, conflicts have started in the ring, and many people from the black camp rushed into the ring and gradually developed into a gang fight scene.
And every shot is particularly harsh.
This is the first group fight phenomenon in the Kung Fu Cup.
Li Dao was the first to arrive at the scene. He roared like a cannonball and exploded in the arena. He soon went up to the arena, his eyes were like electricity, and he shot everyone with extraordinary momentum, especially staring at the group of black people. , The color is not good.
The black people saw him appear and didn’t stop immediately, and some took the opportunity to beat the Chinese a few times.
Li Dao’s eyes widened and he was about to shoot at these black men.
However, at this moment, from the other direction, there was a surging momentum, full of majesty and intimidation, and said: “Li Dao, what do you want to do?!”
When the voice fell, a tall black man appeared on the ring. Li Dao stopped immediately when he saw him, not daring to make a move. Because he recognized that this black man is a master of Dzogchen in the congenital realm, he gritted his teeth and said, “Black Mamba! Are you taking the lead in causing trouble!”
The black mamba is two meters tall, and he is extremely strong and burly. He looks like a bear. His size weighs at least three hundred catties. But he didn’t seem cumbersome at all, instead he was indescribably dexterous and agile.
Especially on his body, there was a surge of surging breath, which was very scary. Completely suppressed Li Dao, so that Li Dao would not dare to act rashly in an instant.
Heymanba actually spoke fluent Mandarin, “I think you are the one who caused the trouble. Li Dao, as the organizer of this Kung Fu Cup, you are actually trying to interfere with the game and embarrass my people, you What does this mean? Do you think that China is the host, so you can do whatever you want?!”
He said this very loudly, and it was full of majesty.
Because of his realm, he was going to be one level higher than Li Dao, so Li Dao immediately started throwing a rat-avoidance weapon.
Li Dao escaped his eyes, looked at the people on the Chinese side, and said, “You said, what is the situation?”
Immediately, a middle-aged man stood up with tears on his face, full of grief and anger. He held a fist at Li Dao, and then said loudly: “Please be the master for Caomin! Just now, my brother Cao Wei and this My brother had already surrendered in the black fight, but the opponent did not abide by the Kung Fu Cup agreement, and did not let go of the attack on my brother. On the contrary, he still took advantage of my brother’s non-resistance and punched my brother in the temple. He… was killed on the spot!!!”
As this sentence fell, other people also began to appeal to Li Dao loudly, “Please call the chief and give Cao Wei justice!!”
Hearing these words, Li Dao immediately clenched his fists, and an anger rushed to his forehead. He took a deep breath and said to them: “Don’t worry, the sir will definitely deal with you.”
He was very serious, and then he looked at the black man and said word by word: “Since your opponent has surrendered, why are you going to kill him?!”
When the black man faced Li Dao’s coercion, he suddenly panicked. After all, he was just an acquired pinnacle master, but immediately, with a cold snort, the black Mamba snorted, his pressure disappeared, and his face was cynical again. expression.
“I haven’t heard of his surrender.” The black man said disapprovingly.

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