A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1595

His posture is so arrogant, he can even be called a foolish man, he doesn’t even put the Li Dao in his eyes, and even in his eyes, there is some ridicule.
As a black, he has racial superiority, and his body is very strong and burly. From the bottom of his heart, he looks down on the thin Chinese. In his opinion, these Chinese people are weak people, and they are inferior to them.
Even if Lin Ziming showed great power just now, so what? Not all Chinese people are as perverted as Lin Ziming. He can’t beat Lin Ziming, and he can’t beat these weak Chinese people?
So this is his reliance.
And he still has the asylum of Lord Black Mamba, he doesn’t believe what the Chinese dare to do to him.
When Li Dao saw him like this, he was immediately furious. The Chinese people behind him immediately began to shout loudly: “You lie! You just heard it clearly. My brother called out several times, you I killed my brother deliberately! Killing pays for your life, you broke the rules of the Kung Fu Cup, you must pay for it!”
This is the elder brother of the deceased, full of righteous indignation, and his eyes are full of hatred and anger. Next to him, there are more than a dozen Chinese warriors, all of whom are in his gang, and are also bloody Chinese, who are beginning to be angry. Get up and ask the Negro to seek justice!
Just as Li Dao wanted to speak, General Qin and Peng Zhuo also arrived. General Qin said, “Instructor Li, what’s the situation?”
Li Dao quickly said the matter. After General Qin heard it, he also frowned, with a trace of anger on his face, he snorted heavily and said, “You are violating the rules of the Kung Fu Cup. Your opponent has clearly surrendered, why do you want to kill! You must give an explanation!”
Although General Qin is a literary general, his aura is not overshadowed. Although the black man is very tall, he was also shocked by General Qin. There was some awe on his face, and he subconsciously stepped back two steps and hid in the black. Behind Mamba.
Hei Mamba said: “My people just said very clearly, he has not heard this Chinese surrender! You have a word from the Chinese people, you don’t know whoever you don’t know, my people don’t even know that the Chinese people have surrendered, and they thought He is very bloody and is attacking our people.”
Hei Mamba said this sentence, with some ridicule in his tone. The ridicule of Chinese people is bloody, and surrenders if they can’t beat it, which is a cowardly behavior.
The situation here attracted the attention of many people. General Qin and Peng Zhuo looked at each other, and they both realized that if they didn’t handle it well, there would definitely be many similar things happening next.
And the Chinese martial artist will definitely be further targeted. When the Kung Fu Cup is held, how many people will die.
The birth of every warrior is not an easy task. The four hundred warriors present are a lot of wealth in China, and they must not cause heavy losses to the Chinese warriors.
So they must handle this matter well.
General Qin snorted, and said, “It’s unprovoked to say that every battle is monitored. We can watch the monitoring. If it is found that the Chinese martial artist has surrendered, and the black player has not stopped, he must be severely severed. Sanctions!”
Hearing this, Hemamba frowned slightly, and some fierce light flashed in his eyes.
But immediately, the black man said another sentence in his ear, which made his eyes shine, and immediately said it in fluent Mandarin, “No need to check and monitor. Just now, my tribe said that he doesn’t understand your Mandarin. , I didn’t even know that he was surrendering, and thought he was talking harsh words.
The logic of what he said was not logically wrong, and immediately the black man next to him also said in Eagle language: “Your Chinese language is not common in the world. You should surrender in Eagle language.”
After saying this, a bunch of foreigners next to him began to laugh, whispering and making no secret of their mockery of China.
Is there anything more humiliating than this. On the territory of China, even surrender must be spoken in a foreign language?

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