A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1596

Suddenly, all the Chinese people were angry, and even General Qin, Peng Zhuo and others couldn’t help being furious!
But for a while, they couldn’t find any reason to refute it. This was the most uncomfortable.
Indeed, compared to Eagle language, Mandarin Chinese is indeed niche, and it is not commonly used internationally.
Those Chinese people were very angry, especially the deceased’s elder brother, who was even more distraught, and wanted to rush to kill the arrogant black man and avenge his younger brother!
The black man said unscrupulously: “I suggest you Chinese people, remember to use eagle language when you surrender next time, otherwise we won’t understand it and it won’t be good to kill you, hahaha… .”
His words caused another fierce ridicule.
General Qin, Peng Zhuo and others clenched their fists. The Chinese people present all looked at them, and their eyes were full of longing and pleading. I hope they can get upright and make the decision for them. A group of foreigners are so arrogant!
General Qin was aware of this, and he said loudly: “A clever tongue is like a spring, upside down black and white! Even if you don’t understand Mandarin, you should understand the body language of surrender! You deliberately rushed to life! Come on, here! This black player who violates the rules will be taken to this general!”
General Qin waved his hand and slammed Fang Yao, exuding the majesty of an iron-blooded general. Immediately, several martial arts and powerful agents began to take action to arrest the black player!
But immediately, a few tall black people walked out, stopped the agents, and directly confronted each other.
Li Dao immediately opened his eyes and said loudly, “Are you trying to resist the Fa violently?”
In the face of Li Dao’s coercion, they did not retreat, their faces still looked rather dangling, and they didn’t even put Li Dao in their eyes. This situation immediately made Li Dao even more furious.
He snorted and shot directly.
With his skill, except for the black mamba, none of these foreigners are his opponents.
But when he shot, the Black Mamba also shot, stepping out, seemingly easy to punch, and hit Li Dao back.
Li Dao’s fist collided with his fist, and he was immediately swayed, his body stepped back several steps in succession, and he almost became unsteady on his feet.
At the same time, his qi and blood began to surge, almost vomiting out a mouthful of blood.
The black mamba is a realm higher than him, he is not an opponent of the black mamba at all.
“Hei Mamba! Are you protecting your tribe without reason!?” Li Dao suddenly scolded.
However, Hei Mamba just flicked his fingernails disapprovingly, and said: “My tribe member just explained very clearly, he has no idea that his opponent surrendered. It is your Chinese official, regardless of right and wrong, unreasonably favoring your tribe. To arrest my tribe, you are phoning public for private benefit and breaking the rules of the Kung Fu Cup. You, China, must give us a deal!”

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